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Do I Need Medical Insurance to Travel to Canada? What You Need to Know

Having health insurance offers peace of mind if you face a medical issue. Carrying this coverage can be especially important when visiting a foreign country.  Do you need medical insurance to travel to Canada? There isn’t a simple “yes” or “no” answer. The truth is that travel medical insurance is sometimes required and sometimes simply […]

Where To Stay In Montreal | Best Quote Travel Insurance

If you’re planning a visit to Montreal, where will you stay? For some travellers, it’s a return trip to one of the most cosmopolitan and cultured destinations in North America. They know where they want to stay in Montreal. Maybe it’s near the action on Sainte-Catherine Street or the Latin Quarter. The best spot could […]


Finding the Best Hostels in Canada

Planning an extended trip to Canada? Or are you simply conscious of your budget as a traveller? A hostel can be a great way to keep lodging costs manageable during a trip to Canada. The hostelling experience isn’t particularly luxurious. It’s not the same as staying in a four-star hotel or having a rental home […]