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The Ultimate Super Visa Checklist

You’re looking for more information about Canada’s Super Visa program. We don’t want to waste any time. So, let’s start by reviewing some basic information about this long-term visitor visa. Then, we’ll share a Super Visa checklist for application requirements. What is a Canadian Super Visa? The Super Visa is a specific type of visa. […]

How to Find a Doctor in Canada on a Visa

Visiting Canada on a visa is an exciting experience. The second-largest country in the world has something to offer everyone, from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city life to vast expanses of nature. Whether you’re coming to Canada because you’re participating in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program or you have a super visa, […]

The Top 4 Places to Visit in Canada During the Summer

When’s the best time to visit Canada? Winter sports enthusiasts and those who love cold weather will visit ski-friendly destinations in mountain ranges like Banff, Alberta, and Whistler, BC. However, summer is traditionally the peak tourist season in much of Canada. Between the long days, warm temperatures, natural beauty, and plenty of local culture to […]

Traveling with Diabetes Checklist for Canada

An estimated 415 million people worldwide live with diabetes. While diabetes can be treated and controlled, it can still make things like travel a little trickier than usual, but by no means impossible! If you or someone you love has diabetes and is going to travel to Canada, here are a few things to keep […]