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Flagpoling Canada: 4 Tips to Get an Open Work Permit

Please note: This article does not intend to provide legal advice. It is merely a personal experience of flagpoling in British Columbia. If you have any immigration questions, please seek advice from a licensed immigration consultant or lawyer. Do you need to change your visa status in Canada? Read on to find out my experience flagpoling from Vancouver and the four tips based on what I learned. Background I am on an IEC Working Holiday visa valid for two years. My partner also had a Working Holiday visa valid only for one year. We wanted our visa end dates to align and therefore decided to flagpole.  We wanted to apply for the Spousal Open […]

7 Tips for Visitors Travelling With Medication to Canada

Travelling with medication is not a risk-free experience. There are ways to avoid the risks of travelling with medication, like having your essential prescriptions confiscated. The best way to get prepared for your trip is by knowing what to expect. How to Travel with Medicine If you want to bring medication or medical supplies into Canada, here are some tips: 1. Keep Your Medication Within Reach You should keep your medication in your carry-on luggage. Prescription drugs and essential over-the-counter medicine are exempt from the liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage. With prescription medication in your carry-on baggage, you will have access to it even if your check-in baggage is lost, misplaced, or […]

Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payments are Now Accepted!

We know it may be difficult to make a lump sum payment for a full year of super visa insurance coverage. The good news is that the Canadian government is once again allowing super visa applications with monthly payment plans as valid proof of insurance.  So, you can apply for a super visa without paying for a year of insurance at once!  We’ll go over which Canadian insurance providers offer super visa insurance monthly payment options. But first, let’s look at the requirements for super visa insurance.  Super Visa insurance requirements  The following are the requirements for super visa insurance. You need to:  The great news is all our monthly […]


Canada Healthcare: Are You Eligible & How to Apply

Did you know that you are probably eligible for public healthcare in your province or territory? And did you know that: If you have an International Experience Canada (IEC) visa, are an international student, or have a different temporary resident visa, stick around! I’ll cover how Canadian healthcare works, who is eligible for public healthcare in Canada, and how to apply for it.  Let’s dive in. How does Canadian healthcare work? Canadian healthcare is not a national system. Each province or territory has an individual healthcare system and public healthcare plan you can sign up for.  There are some similarities between the healthcare plans, but you will need to look […]


Why Working Holiday Visa Holders Should Enrol In Canadian Healthcare

Did you know that working holiday visa holders can apply for Canadian healthcare?  If you are wondering whether it’s worth applying for public healthcare in Canada alongside your private (travel) health insurance, here are three reasons you should: Before we get into it, let me explain briefly how healthcare in Canada works. How does Canadian healthcare work?  Healthcare in Canada is not a combined national programme. Each province or territory has an individual healthcare plan in which residents enrol to access healthcare. All provinces or territories function similarly, but there are slight differences in eligibility and coverage. So, to access Canadian healthcare, you should apply within your province or territory. […]