Last updated May 05, 2021 (This information may be out of date — call 1-888-888-0510 for the latest information).

Travel in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has had an immeasurable impact on the travel insurance industry! We have done our best to adapt to the changes and provide our clients with the most up-to-date information. We continue to be here to answer your questions and provide the best advice we can for all our travel insurance customers. 

For visitors, the changes to coverage have been minimal. A few insurance companies stopped selling their policies, some imposed waiting periods for COVID-19 and others excluded coverage for COVID-19 completely. The majority of Visitor-to-Canada policies that we quote continue to cover COVID-19 like any other illness. 

For Canadian travellers, most of our insurers are now offering some form of medical coverage for COVID-19 (note that trip cancellation & interruption coverage for COVID-19 is still limited). This is only for travel to countries with level 3 travel advisories (there is still no coverage for travel to countries with level 4 travel advisories). Costs have increased slightly over last year's premiums, but this allows Canadian travellers to visit their favourite travel spots with the knowledge that they are covered for COVID-19. Once the federal government lifts the level 3 travel advisory for a specific location (see the Government of Canada website for up-dated travel advisory details), all of our suppliers will cover COVID-19 for those destinations only. Note that COVID-19 coverage continues to be available for in-Canada travel. Students and expatriates can also obtain Coronavirus coverage for travel outside of Canada.

Canadians who have purchased private health insurance coverage directly through Best Doctors Global Medical Care will be covered for COVID-19 related expenses, both at onset and for any ongoing complications, whether inside or outside Canada. At this time, Best Doctors Insurance has become even more compelling as a way to ensure high quality medical diagnosis, timely treatment without a Canadian-style waitlist, and access to leading-edge global health care solutions available outside of Canada. However, it does take 1-4 weeks to get individually underwritten by Best Doctors after applying for coverage (depending on your health conditions). Travel protection is only one reason to justify the higher premium of Best Doctors coverage. Please call us at 1-888-888-0510 for further details on COVID-19 coverage.


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