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Travel Insurance for Super Visa, Visitors to Canada, Seniors...

Super Visa insurance and inexpensive travel Insurance quotes, including visitors to Canada insurance, IEC travel health insurance for the International Experience Canada working holiday visa, seniors travel insurance, snowbird medical insurance, students, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, and much more.

Each month, we help several hundred international travelers - from all over the world - purchase travel insurance to protect themselves against the high cost of unexpected emergency medical treatment in Canada!

Search the widest selection of Canada's top travel insurance companies with over 100 policies to choose from (prices are shown in Canadian dollars) : for Super Visa applicants or visitors to Canada, Canadians, seniors, students, backpackers, business travellers and more.  Travel medical insurance, trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, all-inclusive packages, single trip or multi-trip annual plans, plans for Canada-only travel, visitors insurance and...

We have special discount travel insurance policies for visitors to Canada, snowbirds, Canada-only travel and for youth under 30; as well as travel insurance companies that offer companion, 'earlybird', and group discounts. Use our service to save money year after year compared to any single-choice travel insurance provider.

Why shop around for travel insurance?

No travel insurance company is always going to have the best policy at the best price for every traveller all the time. Even for the same traveller, any one travel insurance company can swing from being the best policy with the lowest price one year, to being completely uncompetitive and over-priced the next. It does pay to look around.

We help look around for you: at the widest group of leading Canadian travel insurance providers compared all at the same time: Manulife Travel Insurance, Allianz Global Assistance, Travel Guard Canada, Destination Travel Group, TuGo, RSA (Royal Sun Alliance), GMS Insurance, Assurance Voyage, Ingle International, Travelance, Special Risks, IMG, BlueCross, and more! 

We are contracted with other companies too for special circumstances,  but other companies are not as competive, and won't win your business like this group. 

What's the best travel insurance choice?

Us. Always use a travel insurance specialist that has access to the widest assortment of options. It will save you money, and get you the best coverage for your travel circumstances and health situation. We have a wider group of policies than any other 'travel insurance specialist' in Canada, and that means lower prices and better coverage. You can buy online, or call us in Toronto (647-799-2032), Calgary (403-800-1582),  Vancouver (604-259-2544) or toll-free from North America (1-888-888-0510).

A wider group of policies than our competitors = lower prices for you!

Your travel insurance concerns may include more than prices. If you have special concerns, such as travelling by RV, to an expensive country, or with pre-existing conditions, special equipment, or your favourite pet, you’ll want to look closely at the policy to make a well informed decision about the coverage you buy. We've made that easy to do.

Our site allows you to view and compare policy wording between available travel insurance plans, all within a few seconds. Other online quote providers make you download a policy document to scan through the fine print before you find the details you’re interested in.

You can use our summary feature to bring up a chart of each company's secondary benefits to review. You'll see Manulife Travel Insurance, Allianz Global Assistance, Travel Guard Canada, TuGo, RSA Travel Insurance, GMS Insurance, Travelance, Escapade Assurances Voyage, Ingle International, Special Risks, BlueCross Travel Insurance, Destination Travel Group Travel Insurance and more all on the same page for a direct comparison.

No more pressure from a travel agent, bank, credit union, or major retailer trying to get you to accept their only option for wording and price in less than five minutes. Here, your decision can take as much time as you need, without travelling to shop for your travel insurance! Compare coverage for items like 'return of vehicle', 'out-of-pocket expenses', 'pre-existing condition exclusions' or even 'return of pet' with just a few clicks.

Don't hesitate to call us or ask questions online. Our expertise may be critically important to making a good policy choice. 

The best way to use our service, is to use our experience and advice!!


Bob Hornal
, President

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