21st Century Travel Insurance - Visitors Insurance Review

21st Century Travel Insurance is an independent travel insurance brand available from approved agents, and underwritten by Manulife Insurance. Operating since 1979, 21st Century has a long history of helping visitors to Canada, and has been able to negotiate a higher quality travel insurance product from Manulife, including a unique monthly payment plan for super visa holders.


Higher quality secondary benefits including follow up provisions

"Extra Injury Coverage" Additional $50,000 of coverage with the $100,000 option:

When you purchase the $100,000 Aggregate Policy Limit (APL), a bonus $50,000 of additional coverage is automatically included for eligible expenses incurred as a result of an injury

Unique monthly payment option for super visa policyholders:

Only $50 administration fee when choosing monthly payment plan, no other surcharges

Easy to cancel upon early return to home country


Higher premium on select age groups

Monthly Payment Option

The Monthly Payment Plan is restricted to:

• an applicant who is either applying for or holds a valid Temporary Resident, Super Visa, Work or Student Visa, or other visitor visa issued by the government of Canada

• when the issuance of such visa is conditional on the purchase of mandatory medical insurance.

A minimum Coverage Period of 365 days and a minimum Aggregate Policy Limit of $100,000 must be purchased.

Additional cancellation restrictions as well as other terms, limitations and conditions will apply as stated in your Monthly Payment Authorization Form and in the sections of this policy highlighted by a red outlined box.

If your policy was purchased under the Monthly Payment Plan, coverage does not start until the policy is activated. Upon successful activation of your policy, coverage starts on the effective date shown on your policy confirmation. If you activate your policy after your actual arrival date, a waiting period will apply.

 If you opted for the Monthly Payment Plan, this insurance will be and will remain in effect only if the premium is paid in accordance with the terms of this policy and the Monthly Payment Authorization Form which was completed and signed when the Monthly Payment Option was selected. We reserve the right to discontinue the monthly payment schedule and/or charge additional processing fees in the event that payments cannot be charged to the credit card you have provided as per the terms of the Monthly Payment Authorization Form.

Under the Monthly Payment Option an initial deposit equal to (2) two months of premium is payable at the time of application. A third month of premium is payable when the policy is activated. Thereafter, the effective date will establish the premium due date and monthly premiums must be paid in each subsequent month until the full policy premium has been paid or until you provide proof that you have returned to your country of origin (whichever is earlier).

If credit card charges are invalid or no proof of payment exists, 21st Century will immediately notify you of the failed payment and you will be given 30 days from the date the notice is mailed to pay the full monthly payment that failed and any other payments that have since become due. If 21st Century is unable to collect the outstanding premium(s) by the end of the 30 days, the policy will be terminated and all coverage will end on the paid-to date (the date to which the policy had been paid by the last monthly payment received).

You will not be able to reinstate the policy. There will be no grace period permitted.

At no time will we pay or be liable for any claim that occurs when your policy has not yet been activated or has lapsed due to non-payment of premium regardless of whether the claim is presented before or after the date that your credit card payment failed or was declined. In other words, we are not liable for the payment of any benefits under this policy if payments are in arrears or if your policy was never activated.

If you have not activated your policy within two years of the effective date shown on your policy confirmation, the policy must be cancelled. Notification of such cancellation will be sent to your last known mailing and email addresses and/or phone number on file. Your agent who sold you the policy will also be notified. You are requested to confirm receipt of this notification. Upon your confirmation, your deposit premium less the $50 Policy Fee will be refunded. If there is no response from you within 30 days, your deposit premium and Policy Fee will be non-refundable.