MSH International Visitors Insurance Review

MSH International's Discover Canada Visitors Insurance

MSH International (Canada) Ltd. is part of MSH International (Americas) which merged with Ontario-based Ingle International in 2017. Ingle, a pioneer in Canadian travel insurance, founded the Discover Canada Visitors to Canada insurance policy. This policy is now underwritten by Lloyd's Underwriters, with MSH International (Canada) Ltd. issuing the policy as a Coverholder. The claims administrator for Discover Canada is noted as 'Intrepid24/7', which was originally founded by Ingle International and rebranded as MSH ASSISTANCE in 2018.  

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MSH is popular with visitors to Canada aged between 59 and 75

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MSH is popular with Super Visa applicants aged between 59 and 75

MSH Standout Features

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Up to $5,000
(only when pregnancy begins after the effective date)

(MSH Discover Canada Plan)

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Emergency Air Return Home

Up to $25,000 for emergency air return home

(MSH Student Gold & Silver Plan)

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment

$50,000 maximum (50%-100% of the sum insured depending on injury)

(MSH Discover Canada Plan)

MSH Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • For Super Visa holders or other visitors to Canada purchasing coverage for one year, the Discover Canada plan offers some unique (non-emergency) benefits which are not subject to a deductible: after 9 months the insured person is allowed to spend up to $250 for a regular doctor's appointment and submit receipts for reimbursement; after 6 months a $100 amount can be spent on vaccinations and $100 on an eye exam.
  • Stable pre-existing medical conditions are covered with a 90-day stability period for travellers under age 71,
  • Competitive rates for travellers aged 60-70 with full unrestricted (this is important) pre-ex coverage for travellers aged 71-80 (180-day stability), 
  • Multiple deductible options are available to lower costs,
  • Only plan with $1M coverage option available,
  • The MSH Gold Student Plan and MSH Silver Student Plan have some good secondary benefits, such as: 
    • Stable Period for Pre-existing Conditions
    • Mental Health Practitioner 
    • Emergency Air Return Home
    • Air Flight Accident

Cons icon   Disadvantages

  • The Discover Canada policy has a high cancellation fee,
  • Pre-existing medical conditions coverage is not available past age 80 on the Discover Canada plan. Ages 71-80 have a minimum deductible of $500,
  • The Discover Canada plan's premium is less competitive below age 40.

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