Travelance Visitors Insurance Review

Travelance Visitors to Canada Insurance 

Travelance is a newer insurance brand (available since 2013) underwritten through Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada — one of the oldest underwriting teams in Canada. Travelance offers two different Visitors to Canada plans: their Essential plan does not cover pre-existing medical conditions and offers less secondary benefits than their Premier plan — which does cover stable pre-existing medical conditions (180 day stability period). 


Having two plans, Travelance is aiming to be both 'competitively priced' with the Essential plan, and sometimes depending on the age can be one of the lower cost options available; or, 'higher quality coverage' with their Premier plan (which can be a good choice for travellers 69 and under needing coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions). 

  • Both plans are available for up to 558 days, which is longer than most other companies.
  • Travelance offers a 'waived deductible' on both plans, which is unique. On the Essential plan, the first $250 of deductible is waived when hospitalized for 72 consecutive hours; the Premier plan will waive the first $1000 of deductible when hospitalized for 72 consecutive hours.


  • The Essential plan has limited benefits compared with the Premier plan. It does not cover expenses related to paramedical services (chiropractor, etc.), meals & accommodation,  transportation of relative or friend, or accidental death and dismemberment; the Premier plan does offer benefit limits for those type of expenses.
  • The Premier plan will not cover stable pre-existing medical conditions for the ages 70-79 if the conditions are related to cerebrovascular (stroke), cardio vascular (heart), or lung conditions.
  • Both plans come with certain administration fees. $50 refund fee for all refunds. $250 fee for 'cancellation without visa denial letter'. These are on the higher side of industry averages.