GMS Travel Insurance Review

GMS Travel Insurance? 

We offer the following professional GMS travel insurance review for your consideration. Please keep in mind that you are always better off purchasing travel insurance through a specialist broker like BestQuote because we provide you with an extra level of reassurance at time of purchase or claim. The following information should help to convey our knowledge level and expertise, and help you gain confidence in our services. Remember that GMS has competitive prices only some of the time — rates change regularly from year to year. 

No insurance company can always have the most competitive price for all the people all the time, no matter what their age or health condition. Travel insurance is much more complex than what a non-specialist broker can fathom, and you are welcome to use our quote engine to survey the wider Canadian travel insurance marketplace — and then ask us for advice in selecting the appropriate policy. We may identify issues you have not thought of!

GMS (Group Medical Services) is one of Canada’s smaller full-service travel insurance underwriters. Headquartered in Regina, until the late 1990s it was part of the Blue Cross network. GMS started out providing group benefits in Saskatchewan, and is currently one of the largest providers of individual extended dental and medical benefits in Canada. More than its competitors, GMS tends to focus on niche markets within the travel insurance industry.

Here are the key factors to note when considering GMS products:

  • Medical insurance prices are very competitive for travellers age 80 and over;
  • Like TuGo, this is one of the few policies that will cover travellers with heart surgery over 12 years ago;
  • GMS offers early bird discounts from August to October to seniors heading south for the winter;
  • Discounts are also available on all-inclusive policies (medical and trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage);
  • Rates are very competitive on trip cancellation & interruption policies;
  • Baggage coverage on trip cancellation & interruption policies is better than similar coverage on any of our other policies;
  • Children under 16 travel for free on family policies;
  • Minor medical conditions like high blood pressure are not considered on medical questionnaires for seniors;
  • There is a blanket 180-day stability period on all policies, both medical and non-medical. Unlike some policies, this stability period does not apply to non-travelling family members on trip cancellation and interruption policies.