TuGo Visitors Insurance Review

TuGo Visitors to Canada

TuGo (formerly Travel Underwriters) is a travel insurance specialist, and one of the larger providers in Canada. Based in BC, they have offered travel insurance services for over 45 years, and service some of the largest corporate accounts in Canada. They offer a wide range of travel insurance products, including visitors to Canada insurance, through a wide distribution network including over 2500 agents.


  • This plan offers one of the best overall set of secondary benefits of the plans available in Canada;
    — Up to a semi-private room rate for hospitalization;
    — Allowance for follow-up visits after emergency;
    — Higher benefit limits for dental, funeral, and out-of-pocket expenses;
    — Accidental Death and Dismemberment, as well as Air Flight Accident benefits.
  • Coverage is available through age 69 (79) for stable pre-existing medical conditions with stability period of only 120 (180) days.
  • Trip break is permitted for travellers that may require a quick return home before returning to Canada without needing to cancel and repurchase coverage.
  • Up to $300,000 maximum coverage is available, twice the amount of most other plans.


  • $250 cancellation fee if no supporting documentation (visa denial) available.
  • Language is not aspirin, nitroglycerine, insulin, coumadin/warfarin, or prednisone friendly.
  • Premiums are higher than most other plans.