Top-ups & Extensions

While some companies use these terms in slightly different ways, top-ups and extensions refer to extending existing coverage by purchasing some extra days coverage to accommodate a lengthier trip.


Often, it can be cost-effective to purchase an annual (otherwise known as a 'multi-trip') plan that allows for multiple trips up to a certain maximum number of days at any time during the one year that is covered by the plan. So, for example, a company may offer an annual plan with 8, 15, 30 or 60 day options to choose from for the maximum trip duration. Generally, the longer the maximum trip duration you choose, the higher the premium.

A person may enjoy the idea of being covered for multiple cross-border shopping trips, or  multiple golfing trips over the next year. If they have an annual plan that only offers trips of up to 8 days, and then they decide to go on a 30-day vacation during that same year, they can purchase a single trip plan for 22 days to 'top-up' their annual plan.

Our quote system will retrieve a quote for these 'top-up' purchases. Instead of choosing 'single-trip' or 'multi-trip' on the quote request form, choose 'top-up', and then enter the number of days maximum trip duration allowed under your existing multi-trip annual plan. The additional days purchased may be subject to a minimum fee.

Some companies only allow top-ups to be purchased when topping up one of their own annual plans. If you require purchasing top-up days for an existing plan, we can contact the insurance company on your behalf to purchase the extra few days you need. 

If you would like to purchase an annual plan with a short maximum trip duration and extra top-up days because your first trip is much longer please call us toll-free at 1-888-888-0510, and we will assist you.


An extension may be purchased after you have already departed your province, as long as your current policy has not expired, and certain conditions are met. What happens when you have a multi-trip plan that only allows trips of up to 15 days and plans change? You are mid-trip, and now you need an extra 7 days coverage? Your plan may be extended depending on the terms and conditions listed in the policy. For example, some companies require that you notify them more than 48 hours before the expiry of your existing multi-trip or single trip coverage. Other companies only allow coverage to be extended if there are no claims outstanding on the plan that you will be extending.

All companies require an extension to be requested prior to your current coverage coming to an end.  We are happy to assist with issuing extensions and will keep you up-to-date on your policy effective dates and policy expiry dates.