Destination Canada Insurance For Visitors Review

Destination Canada Visitors Insurance

Destination Canada, a well-established Ontario travel agent, has used Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch) to underwrite their Visitors to Canada (VTC) insurance policy and Zurich Travel Assist to administer claims.

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Destination Canada is popular with visitors to Canada of all ages

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Destination Canada is popular with IEC visa applicants of all ages


Destination Canada Standout Features

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Available After Arrival in Canada

Yes, with a 48-hour waiting period for illness.

(International Student Plan & Visitor to Canada Plans)

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Up to the policy limit sum insured
or a maximum of
(whichever is less).

(Visitor to Canada Plans)

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Mental Health Practitioner

Up to $25,000 in-patient; up to $1,000
per year out-patient; up to $500 trauma counselling.

(International Student Plan)


Destination Canada Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • The Destination Canada Visitor to Canada plans have good secondary benefits, e.g., follow-up visits after emergency, dental, AD&D, meals and accommodation.
  • Quality secondary benefits on the International Student Plan, e.g., mental health care, vaccination, and maternity benefits 
  • Most travellers are eligible to purchase this policy.
  • The Visitor to Canada Plans cover stable (120 days) pre-existing medical conditions up to age 79 without the same restrictions as other plans.
  • Trip break permitted — policy does not end if the insured person returns to their home country.
  • Competitive rates for all ages, especially in the 70s — considering the good secondary benefits.
  • The Visitor to Canada Plans have multiple deductible options up to $10,000. Maximum coverage is available in amounts up to $300,000.
  • It does not exclude some sports activities (like backcountry skiing) like some other policies do.

Cons icon Disadvantages

  • The Destination Canada visitor plans are not well-known, although that should not be a major drawback. The policy has become a popular choice, and BestQuote was one of the first online brokers in Canada to carry this plan.
  • The Visitor to Canada Plan covering stable pre-existing conditions is less competitive at certain ages, e.g., 20s and 50s.

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