Destination Canada Visitors Insurance

Destination Canada, a well established Ontario travel agent has used Manulife Travel Insurance to underwrite their own Visitors to Canada (VTC) insurance policy, along with Active Care Management to administer claims.


  • Good secondary benefits (i.e. follow up visits after emergency, dental, AD&D, meals and accomodation, etc.).
  • Most travellers are eligible to purchase this policy.
  • Covers stable (120 days) pre-existing medical conditions up to age 79 without the same restrictions as other plans.
  • Trip break permitted - policy does not end if the insured person returns to their home country.
  • Competitive rates for all ages, especially in the 70's - considering the good secondary benefits.
  • Deductible options: $0, $250, $500, and $1000. Maximum coverage available in amounts up to $300,000, and after arrival in Canada.
  • Does not exclude some sports activities (like back country skiing) like some other policies do.


  • This is not a well known VTC policy, although that should not be a major drawback. The policy has become a popular choice, and BestQuote was one of the first online brokers in Canada to carry this plan.
  • Not available after age 79 for Super Visa holders.
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