Returning to Canada Insurance

Returning Home? How to Cover the Gap in Canadian Healthcare!

Depending on the province they are returning to, Canadians returning to Canada after a long absence (having lost their provincial health care coverage) may have to wait as long as three months before they become eligible for provincial healthcare benefits. In the meantime, it is prudent to have private coverage for any accidental injuries or sudden illnesses that may occur before government benefits begin.

Canadian travel insurance companies provide that emergency coverage under the category of insurance referred to as 'visitors to Canada' insurance. And while you may not be 'visiting' Canada, that is the type of insurance you will be asked to purchase to cover the gap in coverage between the time you arrive in Canada and the date that provincial benefits will begin. On our website (quote request form on left), for convenience, we have created a 'returning to Canada' field for Canadians that will quote the proper types of coverage, starting at $100,000 coverage  (with all companies set at a $0 deductible).