Manulife Health & Dental

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Manulife Individual Health and Small Group Association Plans

Manulife is the largest Canadian insurance company offering individual health and dental coverage, with competitive rates and 3 different plans to choose from:

1) FollowMe Health

This is a convenient plan to choose if you are transferring from an employer plan due to change of work status. You have only 90 days from leaving the employer plan to enrol, but if you do so, there is no medical required, nor any waiting period for benefits to begin — unlike if you go past those 90 days or are looking for a new plan without previous coverage. 

What's included? Your FollowMe Health plan may cover many of the same expenses as the group health plans provided by your employer, including:
  • Prescription drugs: whether for you, your partner or your children;
  • Dental services: such as routine procedures like cleaning and fillings, as well as emergency dental work required because of an accident;
  • Vision care: checkups with your eye doctor, as well as glasses, contact lenses and even laser eye surgery;
  • Professional therapy: services provided by a registered massage therapist, chiropractor, psychiatrist, and other healthcare professionals
  • Hospital care: ambulance service and semi-private room;
  • Health Service Navigator®: assistance (don't underestimate the value of advocacy!) navigating the Canadian healthcare system.

There are four different levels of FollowMe Health to choose from — generally speaking, people who get the most use of this plan already know of certain medical expenses that they will have to undergo each year and choose the more complete plans:

4 Levels of coverage to choose from

  Prescription Drugs Dental Care Vision Care Extended Healthcare
Basic $500 a year Not covered $150 every 2 benefit years $100,000 lifetime
Enhanced $1,250 a year Not covered $200 every 2 benefit years $200,000 lifetime
Enhanced Plus $1,250 a year

Year 1: $700

Year 2: $850

Year 3+: $1,000

$200 every 2 benefit years $200,000 lifetime
Premiere $2,500 a year

Year 1: $800

Year 2: $1,000

Year 3+: $1,500

$300 every 2 benefit years $300,000 lifetime

Getting Coverage is Easy!

You can get a quote and apply for FollowMe Health without answering any medical questions at the time of application, as long as:

  • You are a Canadian resident.
  • Your group health plan is ending soon or has recently come to an end because of career change, job loss or retirement or because you have reached the maximum age allowed by your group plan.
  • You have a valid government health insurance plan.
  • You apply within 90 days of your group health plan end date.


2) FlexCare

Manulife has the ability to tailor a plan around your specific health insurance needs if you are just starting a new plan without previous coverage. It’s as easy as choosing the dental and drug plan that best meets your needs and budget.

What's Included? They have Core benefits to choose from, as well as different ('flexible') add-ons. The Core coverage includes:
  • Prescription drugs: helps cover the rising costs of generic and brand-name drugs.
  • Dental care: a trip to the dentist may be a little more tolerable when you have coverage.
  • Vision care: new glasses, contact lenses, eye doctor appointments, etc.
  • Home care and nursing: rehabilitation from the comfort of your own home.
  • Registered therapists: chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist and more.
  • Enhanced coverage for seniors: at age 65, benefits increase in the areas you want it the most.

You also get all these services at no extra cost:

  • Emergency medical travel coverage: gives you up to $5,000,000 in coverage for an unlimited number of trips per year.
  • Health Service Navigator®: gives you priority access to top specialists at world-class hospitals. Get advice without an appointment or any travel.
  • Tax savings: self-employed or own a small business? A portion of your premiums may be deductible.
  • Healthcare Online: this is a super beneficial service for all those affected by the recent Coronavirus, or those who live in rural areas. It gives you 24/7 access to health care professionals (including physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses) online, through the app or over the phone. Plus, you can submit a claim online.
Ready to quote a price and build your plan? Here's the three step online process (please call us during business hours at 1-888-888-0510 for assistance while applying):
1. Select Your Core Plan: ComboPlusTM: Dental + Drug coverage, DentalPlusTM: Dental coverage, or DrugPlusTM: Drug coverage  (detail coverage information online during quote process).
2. Select Your Coverage Level: Starter: Lower coverage amounts and rates (great for add-ons), Basic: Well-rounded coverage at affordable rates, or Enhanced: Maximum coverage.
3. Select Your Add-ons to increase Core Plan coverage: (Accidental Death and Dismemberment EnhancedCatastrophic CoverageHospital (Basic or Enhanced), Travel (for longer trips), or Vision Enhanced.
You'll need to have the following on-hand when applying: your doctor’s phone numbernames of prescription medications you’re takingcredit card or bank information
You may also need some information about your past insurer if you recently had group insurance (the name of your plan, subscriber ID, and the date your benefits ended); and/or your driver’s licence (if applying for Catastrophic Coverage).
Please note the information below about Medically Underwritten Plans, Pre-existing Medical Conditions, and Effective Date.

3) Association Plans (for small groups or individuals)

Several Association Plans are also available for small groups or even individuals. Please inquire for more information at 1-888-888-0510. 

Please Note: FlexCare and Association Plans are Medically Underwritten

If the plan is “medically underwritten,” or “requires a medical questionnaire,” you must disclose to us any medical condition, injury, or illness that occurred or existed on or before the date of your application, regardless of whether you went to see a doctor about the condition or were given a diagnosis, or whether you believe that it is important.

The premium charged and/or benefits offered could be subject to adjustment or modification of coverage, or declined based on your or your family’s medical background. This will be determined after an evaluation of the information provided on the enclosed medical questionnaire.

Pre-existing Conditions

The insurer will not pay any Emergency Travel Medical Care Benefits for any claims relating directly or indirectly to a pre-existing condition that is not stable within the nine-month period immediately preceding the date of departure from the insured’s province/territory of residence. This means any condition, injury, illness, disease or related complication in relation to which:

  • an insured has had new symptoms, or existing symptoms have become more frequent or more severe, or there has been a test result showing deterioration;
  • a physician (or other medical professional) has prescribed or recommended a change in medication (the medication dosage or frequency has been reduced, increased, or stopped, and/or new medication has been prescribed) taken for that condition;
  • a physician (or other medical professional) has prescribed or recommended a change in treatment for that condition; or
  • there has been an admission to a hospital and/or results are awaited for further investigation for that condition during such nine-month period. This exclusion does not apply to minor ailments or a change in medication where the active ingredient and strength remain the same (i.e., generic).

Effective Date of Coverage

Coverage is effective no earlier than the first day of the month following final approval of the application.