Manulife Travel Insurance Review

Manulife CoverMe Travel Insurance?

We offer the following professional Manulife travel insurance review for your consideration. Please keep in mind that you are always better off purchasing travel insurance through a specialist broker like BestQuote because we provide you with an extra level of reassurance at time of purchase or claim. The following information should help to convey our knowledge level and expertise, and help you gain confidence in our services. Remember that Manulife/CoverMe has competitive prices only some of the time — rates change regularly from year to year. 

No insurance company can always have the most competitive price for all the people all the time, no matter what their age or health condition. Travel insurance is much more complex than what a non-specialist broker can fathom, and you are welcome to use our quote engine to survey the wider Canadian travel insurance marketplace — and then ask us for advice in selecting the appropriate policy. We may identify issues you have not thought of!  

Canada’s largest (and one of its oldest) life insurance companies, Manulife is also a major provider of extended health (medical and dental) benefits to both individual and companies. It is the dominant player in the Canadian travel insurance industry. In addition to its own policies, Manulife underwrites dozens of other policies branded under the names of its various brokerage and travel agency partners. It also sells its standard travel insurance product directly to the public with its CoverMe travel insurance website. 

As one of Manulife's Elite Affinity Brokers, BestQuote distributes Manulife’s main line of travel insurance products (the same coverage and prices as those found on the CoverMe website). As such, BestQuote has access to a special team of advisors and underwriters at Manulife, and is well-placed to help clients who purchase Manulife products.

Manulife offers travellers a number of advantages:

  • A well-designed policy that covers most of the medical needs of travellers;
  • Excellent customer service and claims management, with a client-focused approach;
  • A 90-day stability period for younger travellers, and seniors without serious medical conditions;
  • Straightforward medical questionnaire that does not ask about minor conditions such as high blood pressure and some organ/digestive tract disorders;
  • No premium penalty for cancer patients who have not been treated in the past year;
  • Can be purchased for up to 365 days;
  • Can be purchased from another province (not your home province);
  • Allows grandparents under age 60 to be included on family plans;
  • Standby MD medical concierge service offers many ‘extras’, including fast track through emergency rooms and replacement of lost medications, glasses and medical supplies;
  • Direct underwriting is available for travellers who do not qualify for the regular policy.