Health Insurance for Individuals and Family

Health-care costs are on the rise, and many health-care costs such as prescription drugs are not covered by provincial plans. Being covered by your own private health insurance helps to control unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, as well as expected ones such as dental care and prescription medications. But having group or individual health insurance isn't important ONLY because of expected cost containment - many of these plans can also provide valuable assistance in navigating the Canadian health care system in the event that you end up with a criticall illness or chronic health situation. This is the 'quality' component of individual health insurance that cannot be over-looked.

Being covered for unexpected changes in health (that require recently developed (higher cost) drugs, or for a motorized scooter for example), is an important consideration to evaluate when choosing which plan to choose. And having a private health plan that can help you obtain higher quality medical advice at the time of an unexpected critical illness or chronic sickness can be a life saving feature worth paying a little extra for if you do not own a stand alone critical illness plan that features that same assistance with the Canadian medical system.  

Let's face it, the Canadian medical system can provide remarkably different levels of healthcare to those that are critically ill. For example, for a person that becomes ill with a heart-related issue, as long as they live close to a major urban hospital and get assigned to one of its higher quality specialists, the system can be world class. But if that same person is subjected to regionalism (because they live close to a suburban or rural hospital) or randomness (they live close to a good hospital but get a less than special doctor - or one having an off day), the outcome will be much different. And that difference can be life alterating. One person may recover fully after a world class treatment and rehabilitation, the other person will not be so lucky. Unless, they are covered by an insurance plan that provides them with access to a Best Doctors type level of diagnosis, treatment and care.

Who Can Benefit from Individual Health and Dental Insurance?

The following types of people should consider being covered by their own private supplemental heath plan:

  • Anyone that will lose their group benefits due to retirement, loss of work, or a change of employment or marital status;
  • Self-employed individuals;
  • Retirees wanting to control health-care costs;
  • Part time workers not covered by an employer's group plan;
  • Workers of smaller businesses that don't offer group benefits;

How Can BestQuote Help You Choose a Suitable Health Plan?

We have a wide variety of plans to choose from and can compare benefits and make individual recommendations based on your age, current health-care needs/expenses, and risk management issues. You will not find a better comparison quote for health and dental insurance anywhere in Canada. We built the best travel insurance industry price comparison website, and now we've done it again with health and dental insurance. We have in depth knowledge and experience in choosing between the available individual health and dental plans, and through our Canadian health insurance website, we also help our clients with wait-list insurance, Best Doctors insurance, Health and Welfare Trusts, expatriate medical plans, critical illness insurance and more.

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the health and dental plans we offer, with links to each company page where you can find more detailed information, get a quote and apply online:

Manulife Health and Dental Insurance 

FollowMe Insurance:

This is one of the top selling plans in Canada. If you’re leaving the company where you work you’re also leaving your company health plan. But that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t still have affordable, reliable insurance with coverage that may include prescription drugs, dental care, eyeglasses and more. 

Apply within 90 days of the end of your employer group health coverage and your acceptance is guaranteed — no medical questions required at time of application. Solid coverage at affordable rates, fast and easy electronic claims, no waiting period.

Four different plans to choose from: two with dental coverage (Essential Plus and Premier), and two without dental (Basic and Essential).

FlexCare Plans:

Nine different plans to choose from: (three Core plans (Dental, Drug, or Combo) each with three different benefit levels to choose from (Starter, Basic, or Enhanced). 

These plans do require a medical questionnaire and application process which may take time or end up not being issued. The plans can be a bit less expensive than FollowMe (and certain waiting periods apply before full coverage begins. 

Association Plans:

Usually for small groups but can be issued on an individual basis. Four plans to choose from, each with varying coverage levels. These plans are also medically underwritten, and involve waiting periods before full coverage begins. No online applications.

GMS Health and Dental Insurance

Replacement Health Plans:

For people transitioning from an employer plan to a private plan of their own. Applications must be made within 60 days of the employer plan ending.

Three different plans to choose from: PremierPlan, ChoicePlan, and EssentialPlan. You can then add additional benefits such as dental, drugs, enhanced drugs, travel and/or hospital cash.  

Personal Health Plans:

For people that have waited too long to sign up for a Replacement Health Plan, or have not ever been covered by an employer plan but would like to get started in order to plan for and protect against ongoing higher expenses.

Three plans to choose from:  Basic Plan, ExtendaPlan, and OmniPlan. You can then add additional benefits such as dental, drugs, enhanced drugs, travel and/or hospital cash. 

Sun Life Financial Health (and Dental) Insurance

Health Coverage Choice

Replacement coverage with no questionnaire as long as you enroll within 90 days of being covered by previous employer group plan. Five plans to choose from, with with dental, and two without. All plans come with Best Doctors consultation service.

Personal Health Insurance

Supplemental health and dental plans which are fully underwritten for individuals or families. Again, five plans to choose from, three with dental coverage and two without.

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