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Bob Hornal, BestQuote Travel Insurance AgencyI'm Bob Hornal, founder of this comparable quote travel insurance website, and this agency which Lloyd's has accepted as a cover holder. I have been a financial advisor for the last nine-teen years, helping people with their insurance and investment needs. Not only that, but I've also been fortunate enough to have travelled to over 30 countries and I know how much fun it can be, and how it can also bring undesired surprises and difficulties. 

I implore my clients to have travel insurance when they leave the country, although I probably don't need to explain the importance of travel insurance for those of you who have already found this website.

Lost baggage, flights being delayed, children catching a virus on the plane, traffic jams, all sorts of things can happen when you leave home. Before becoming a financial advisor, I went through the unfortunate experience of one of my parents passing away in the United States, due to a sudden and unexpected change of health. There was no emergency medical travel insurance to cover hospital costs. Extended health covered $25,000 which was five times the normal provincial coverage, but less than 20% of the total medical expenses.

So, I understand that I wouldn't be doing my job very well as a financial advisor to allow my clients to travel without travel insurance. I think it's a reasonable and necessary expense for anyone travelling out of the country. It's important to have. It's also important to read the contract details before you buy it. Those contract details can vary widely between companies, and so can the classification of medical risk they put you in, or the premium they ask you to pay.

The older you become, the more important it is to be able to shop around to find the coverage you need at a reasonable price. It seems like most travel insurance companies are competitive one-third of the time, reasonably priced another third of the time, but the last third of the time they don't want the business, but they have to offer coverage at a (high) price.

Why? Because they have distributors that only carry one insurance company. So, even if they don't want to take the risk of offering a 67-year-old male smoker on high blood pressure medication any insurance for his four-month trip, they have to because their distributor (bank, drug store, credit union, travel agent, automobile association, etc.) has clients like that. So, they price the coverage unreasonably. It's too bad that (I would guess) more than 90% of Canadian travel insurance purchases are through distributors that only carry one travel insurance policy. Then they try to squeeze you into that one. But 'one size fits all' doesn't work for everybody, all the time.

BestQuote Travel Insurance Agency helps you avoid that trap. By pricing the coverage you need at multiple different companies, you'll find the company that wants your business and has a competitive price. But don't stop there. Read the details and compare coverage to ensure you get the coverage that makes the most sense for you (and your family), at the best price.

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Thanks for supporting small businesses by using this website. We might still be a small agency, but we are already Canadian industry leaders in the use of web-based technology for comparison purposes. Together by partnering with the largest most reputable insurance providers in Canada, we offer a service level that is second to none in the business. Our website's tools are designed to help you get the insurance you need online, but if you need personal assistance, please call us. We will be glad to help you.

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And have a safe trip!

Bob Hornal

Corporate Information

BestQuote Travel Insurance Agency is a trade name/business unit of Select First Financial Services Inc., an incorporated life, accident and sickness insurance agency founded in 2008 by Bob Hornal, an independent financial advisor.

In 2018, Select First Financial Services Inc. became a cover holder at Lloyd's of London. 

Corporate licensing information for Select First Financial Services Inc. and its business unit, BestQuote Travel Insurance Agency

In the Province of British Columbia, we are licensed by the Insurance Council of British Columbia under Corporate Life, Accident and Sickness license #LIC-173877C108946R2

In the Province of Alberta, we are licensed by the Alberta Insurance Council, as a Corporate Accident & Sickness Insurance Agency, license #6-10954244-2020

In the Province of Saskatchewan, we are licensed by the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan, under Agency Accident & Sickness license #07383

In the Province of Manitoba, we are licensed by the Insurance Council of Manitoba, under Agency Accident & Sickness license #AIA-29451-1298-2021

In the Province of Ontario, we are governed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, under the Agency's Life Accident & Sickness license #33588M

In the Province of New Brunswick, we are licensed by the Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick under Life, Accident and Sickness license #170037261

In the Province of Nova Scotia, we are licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance under Agency Accident & Sickness license #18-2105496-00-F1

In the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador, we are licensed by the Financial Services Regulation Division under Accident and Sickness license #16-67-SE088-1

In the Province of Prince Edward Island, we are licensed by the Superintendent of Insurance under Accident and Sickness license #30416

In the Northwest Territories, we are licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance under Accident and Sickness license #NT-A2-7164-2020


We do not sell insurance products in Canadian provinces and territories not listed above.

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Complaints Procedure

We intend to provide all of our website users, customers and prospective customers with a high level of service at all times. However, if you have reason to make a complaint about our service or how your claim issue has been handled, please contact us:

In writing:

The Customer Services Manager
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If you have a complaint about one of the insurance companies that we use with our customers, and/or about a claim-related issue, we encourage you to contact us first to help you learn the proper process to send them information about your complaint. Our advice may be quite helpful. 

If you remain dissatisfied, you may be entitled to refer your complaint to The OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI), which provides free and impartial assistance with consumer complaints and inquiries about Canadian life and health insurance products and services. The OLHI can be contacted by telephone at 1-888-295-8112 and further information is available at https://olhi.ca/complaints/