AwayCare Visitors to Canada Review

AwayCare True North Visitors to Canada Insurance Review

AwayCare Inc. is a privately-held travel insurance company founded in 2003. Their policy, AwayCare True North Visitors to Canada Insurance, has four levels of coverage - the most popular being their low-cost Standard plan. True North is underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation, a subsidiary of Northbridge Financial Corporation based in Canada.


  • The stability period can be shortened to 30 days for an additional fee.
  • This insurance covers side trips outside of Canada (except for trips home - no trip breaks permitted).
  • Competitive rates for travellers aged 80+.


  • The highest amount of coverage is $300,000.
  • Coverage ends when the policyholder leaves Canada to return home (unless they receive prior approval).
  • If the Assistance Centre is not contacted during the emergency or prior to treatment, the policyholder has to pay 30% of the eligible medical expenses.