How to Use The BestQuote Travel Insurance Free Quote Service

Get a quote from Canada's top travel insurance companies.
In the top left corner, you'll see two drop-down menus to use to ask for a specific quote. Choose the type of traveler you're looking for, then the category of travel insurance. You'll be asked enough questions for us to provide a quote (departure date, destination etc). Once you click the green 'Get Quote' button, you'll be shown something like this:


Compare policy prices and wording.
On the quote display, you'll immediately see the prices that the insurance companies may charge for your requested coverage. You can change the deductible to affect the price, or add optional coverage if you want. You can view a summary of each policy, or the policy details.

Buy on-line and save your time and money (for travelling!).
Beside the final premium, you'll either see a blue Buy Now button, or a red Answer Medical button that would indicate that you need to answer medical questions to determine the exact rate that you'll be charged. Once you have answered the medical questions and your quote has been adjusted, the purchase button will appear. You may want to answer the medical questions at more than one company to find the best price.

When you click the Buy Now button, you'll be asked for some application information, including your trip information, en route to purchasing the insurance. It's quite easy to navigate on your own, but if you need any help, please call us.

Save your travel insurance quotes.
Even if you don't purchase any insurance at this time, you can still save a quote, e-mail a quote to someone such as your travel companion(s) or the person(s) you are thinking of buying it for.  Note that answered medical questionnaires are not saved in the system, so you will need to answer a questionnaire each time you open a saved quote.