Medipac Travel Insurance Review

Medipac Travel Insurance?

We offer the following professional Medipac travel insurance review for your consideration. Please keep in mind that Medipac may have competitive rates occasionally, and they offer first time buying discounts, or loyalty discounts, but no insurance company can always have the most competitive price for all the people all the time no matter what their age or health condition. Travel insurance is complex, and one policy cannot possibly be worded properly for all the snowbirds under the sun (because they all have different health conditions, and travel situations)!

How loyal are you supposed to be to your snowbird association, or Legion membership? No insurance company can always have the most competitive price for all the people all the time, no matter what their age or health condition. Travel insurance is much more complex than what a non-specialist broker can fathom, and you are welcome to use our quote engine to survey the wider Canadian travel insurance marketplace — and then ask us for advice in selecting the appropriate policy. We may identify issues you have not thought of!  This is the only way to know whether you are getting a 'good deal' from Medipac, or not. The policy Medipac has is fine. Whether your travel/health situation matches up well with their policy or price bands? That's the question that needs closer examination.

Medipac International Inc.

Medipac is an insurance broker closely associated with the Canadian Snowbirds Association. Both companies share the same offices and some of the same employees. At present, Medipac’s policies are underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. Its previous underwriter was Manulife.

Medipac sells all of its policies itself, as opposed to using a broker distribution network. As a result, it relies on repeat business and advertising and selling skills (we'll give you a 'discount') to attract clients. Medipac focuses on the snowbird market, that is, Canadian retirees travelling for one to seven months to the USA for the winter. Its products are primarily designed for this specific market. Medipac’s prices tend to start at similar or slightly higher levels than many competing products, but various discounts are available to claims-free clients, returning clients, and early birds.

Here are some of the primary features of Medipac’s policies:

  • Long, complex medical questionnaire, that includes most common medical conditions;
  • Traditionally, questionnaires had to be completed by hand and mailed in. Online applications are now available, though application forms must still be signed and returned to Medipac;
  • Refunds are only available for early returns of at least 10 days;
  • Travellers must cover their entire trip length;
  • $50 cancellation fee (unless family death or injury/sickness of you/spouse);
  • Regular coverage is US$2M, versus C$5 or C$10M for most BestQuote policies;
  • Limit of 212 days of coverage;
  • Claims free and loyalty bonuses are normally only effective if the Medipac policy is purchased for every year of travel;
  • Provide a special top-up deal to federal civil servants, military, and RCMP on 40-day PSHCP plan.