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New 2024 Super Visa Insurance Rates!

With inflation rising in 2021, some Canadian insurance providers have issued new rate increases in the range of 5-15%, starting late last year and some starting in the first few weeks of 2023. The good news is that not all companies have changed their super visa rates yet, with some indicating they'll probably wait until the summer or fall to revise rates. In 2024, visa processing times should speed up, so now is probably a good time to apply in order to lock in lower insurance costs!

Last year, some age groups saw lower rates (especially for travellers with no pre-existing medical conditions), but this year, due to inflation, we expect rates to only climb higher. It always pays to look at a new price comparison before buying, as you may find a better price/coverage from a different company this year compared to 2023. The info below is to be used as a guide only, as it is not updated daily. Final prices will be displayed on your personalized quote page, so please get a quote by filling in the quote request form! For more Super Visa information, visit our Super Visa insurance blog page.

Super Visa Health Insurance Cost

Since December 2011 when the Canadian government began the 'parent and grandparent' super visa program, BestQuote has helped thousands of customers with their questions about the insurance requirements for Canada's Super Visa application, the available super visa insurance options, and which policy best fits their personal travel situation. We've also been busy indexing the lowest cost and highest quality Visitor to Canada (VTC) policies, and we host the largest selection of Canadian policies available anywhere online, including one of our own VTC policies underwritten by Lloyd's Underwriters. You can find more than 20 different policy options in our quote engine — and we can guarantee that we have THE lowest prices (and the best providers) found anywhere online. 

Over the last eleven years, BestQuote Travel Insurance Agency has helped keep Super Visa insurance costs competitive — we've been told by several insurance companies that they come to our site to determine the new rates they want to offer each year to remain competitive. BestQuote may be only a smaller, personable 'boutique' brokerage, but our comparable rates help keep the largest insurance companies in Canada competitive.

Please reward us for putting together this price comparison website and for the help we provide by purchasing your super visa coverage through BestQuote.

We offer the same prices that you could find on any insurance company's website — by law; all advertised rates must be the same across Canada. BUT we do have some policies that only specialist brokers have — and we have more than any other broker in Canada — guaranteeing that we have the lowest costs — and the best policy for your situation. Just call us and ask for help! 

View: Canada's Super Visa insurance requirements, purchasing coverage, and FAQs.

Super Visa Insurance Quote

Although the Canadian insurance industry was caught off guard by the government's decision to make insurance part of the Super Visa application process, the industry response has helped to increase the number of policies available and lower costs. Every year or two, though, the insurance companies change their rates. So, while the company with the best policy for you to choose may vary from one year to the next, you will always be able to find that policy here at BestQuote Travel Insurance Agency.

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If you are looking for the lowest priced policy that will best cover one's pre-existing medical condition, or just researching whether you'll want to apply for the Super Visa — you'll want to complete the quote request form, and review the available options, then email or call with your questions. We'll show you the quote results instantly. Most of the details about available policies are presented to you on the live quote that you can view here once you've completed your request. 

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Super Visa Insurance rates at a glance (see below):

The following rates (less expensive by using a higher deductible) represent the lowest prices offered by Canadian insurance companies that meet the Super Visa requirements. However, we do not always recommend using the lowest-cost provider. Depending on your planned use of the Super Visa, essential considerations such as available deductible options, refund policy details, certain specific benefits/exclusions offered, or requiring coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions will mean that using the lowest-cost option is not advisable. 

Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payment Option

We are confident that you won't find better rates than the ones below. There are even a couple of policies that allow monthly payments for the Super Visa policy, change the second field on the quote request from 'emergency medical' to 'monthly payments.' This monthly payment plan option can help you avoid the upfront cost of buying a 365-day policy (they only charge $50 plus two months' premium upfront). Still, it will also be more expensive than the other plans over the duration of the traveller's stay in Canada, due to the refund policy on monthly plans only refunding whole months, rather than providing a refund prorated on a daily rate basis (like annual payment plans do).

In late 2022 the Canadian government clarified that monthly payment plan options can still be used to submit a super visa application, or to enter Canada (and receive a super visa), reversing an earlier decision when they had ruled these plans offside. So, they are still an appropriate choice, depending on one's budgeting requirements (but less so if the intended stay in Canada will only be a short one).

Choosing appropriate coverage is not the same as finding the lowest rate. Call or email us for assistance in finding the right policy. If you cannot find the above prices for your age bracket after receiving a quote from our quote engine, please contact us for assistance at 1-888-888-0510.

BestQuote Super Visa insurance rates: 

Glance #1: No coverage for pre-existing medical conditions; $100,000 maximum

Age $0 deductible $1000 deductible
40-44 $781.10 $546.77
45-59 $1043.90 $835.12
60 $1062.15 $849.72
61-64 $1248.30 $998.64
65-69 $1493.60 $1204.88
70 $2058.80 $1657.04
71-74 $2401.19 $1920.95
75 $2654.74 $2133.79
76-79 $2832.80 $2276.24
80 $3398.00 $2728.40
81-85 $3942.00 $3153.60
86+ $5292.50 $4234.00

Glance #2: Stable pre-existing medical conditions covered*; $100,000 maximum

Age $0 deductible $1000 deductible
40-44 $1159.87 $936.00
45-60 $1270.80 $1016.64
61-64 $1573.20 $1258.56
65 $1778.40 $1422.72
66-69 $2001.60 $1601.28
70 $2292.20 $1833.76
71-74 $2754.00 $2203.20
75 $3211.20 $2568.96
76-79 $3430.80 $2744.64
80 $5517.64 $4414.70
81-85 $5517.64 $4414.70
86-88 Available depending on medical conditions and stability, please call for price quote by phone
Available depending on medical conditions and stability, please call for price quote by phone
89+ N/A N/A

* Please see our Visitors to Canada — pre-existing medical conditions coverage page for details.

The above rates do not list all deductible options available as some companies have more deductible choices (i.e., $75, $100, $250, $500, $2500, $3000, $10,000). Once you get a quote (top left of this page), you can change deductible options on your screen to instantly see the different discounts as they are applied. A deductible with the policy means that you pay the deductible amount before the insurance policy pays for any eligible expenses. So generally, the higher the deductible, the lower the final insurance premium (cost).

These prices include taxes, and by industry regulation, are not any higher than the price you would get by contacting the insurance company directly. We work on our clients' behalf and do not charge extra fees for acting as your broker. As with all insurance sales, brokers are compensated through commissions paid by the insurance company — and different brokers must offer the same prices as the insurance company advertises - no more or no less. We deal with as many companies as we can to help you find the best price and coverage for your situation — based on age, health, and the benefits of the policy. You won't find better rates than those offered by one of our insurance partners.

We don't JUST have the best prices — we provide the advice you need to be comfortable with your insurance choice, help you keep track of or change dates (if need be) on the policy after you purchase, help you when it's time to ask for a refund or settle a claim issue. Having us as the broker on your side is like having extra insurance!

So, get a quote, review the details, and call us with any questions at 1-888-888-0510 (toll-free) or 647-799-2032 (Toronto), 403-800-1582 (Calgary) or 604-259-2544 (Vancouver). We'll be glad to help.

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