Tourist in Quebec

How to Get Health Insurance for Expats Visiting Canada

Being an expatriate, or an expat, is an exciting opportunity if you are fortunate enough to have the chance. It comes with incredibly rewarding experiences, both personally and professionally. And while looking forward to the new sights and…
Canadian grandparents being reunited with their grandaughter

5 Things to Know About Medical Insurance for Super Visa Holders in Canada

Are you the parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? If so, you can apply for a Super Visa to stay in Canada and be close to your family for up to ten years. The Super Visa program makes family reunification a…
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How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

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Travel insurance can protect you if you suffer losses or get ill while traveling. While you hope, of course, that you won’t need to make a claim, it’s crucial you know how the process works just in case. Here’s how to claim travel insurance…

Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payments are Now Accepted!

We know it may be difficult to make a lump sum payment for a full year of super visa insurance coverage. The good news is that the Canadian government is once again allowing super visa applications with monthly payment plans as valid proof…
Airport signage directs international arrivals to their destination.

Do I Need Medical Insurance to Travel to Canada? What You Need to Know

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Having health insurance offers peace of mind if you face a medical issue. Carrying this coverage can be especially important when visiting a foreign country.  Do you need medical insurance to travel to Canada? There isn’t a simple…
A sign in an airport directs international visitors to a Canadian Border Services Agency post.

4 Things to Know Before Coming to Canada

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Whether you’re coming to Canada from the USA or any other country, or coming to Canada as a student or for any other reason, you want to be prepared. We’ve put together this list of four things to know before coming to Canada to help…