5 Things to Know About Medical Insurance for Super Visa Holders in Canada

Are you the parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? If so, you can apply for a Super Visa to stay in Canada and be close to your family for up to ten years.

The Super Visa program makes family reunification a lot easier for travellers who qualify for the program to come to Canada. This unique visa allows visitors to remain in Canada for up to five years without renewing their visa.

Like with any visa, applying for a Super Visa from the Canadian government comes with a lot of requirements, most importantly, proof of health insurance.

Read on to learn all about medical insurance for the Super Visa in Canada so you can be prepared for your application and stay in Canada.

How the Super Visa is different from a visitor visa

The Super Visa differs from your traditional visitor visa. Here are a few of the unique aspects of the Super Visa:

  • You can only be eligible for a Super Visa if you are a parent or grandparent of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • The Super Visa is intended to reunite families. It does not authorize holders to work or study in Canada, but the Super Visa allows family members to stay longer than the visitor visa permits.
  • You must have a promise of financial support for your stay in Canada.
  • You must have proof of private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company. This insurance must have a minimum of $100,000 CAD coverage and be valid for at least one year.

To check whether you or a family member is eligible for the Super Visa, browse the complete list of Super Visa eligibility requirements.

Super Visa holders are not authorized to work or study in Canada, so they are not eligible to access provincial healthcare plans. Therefore, medical insurance with at least $100,000 coverage is a requirement for their stay in Canada.

Things to Know About Canada Super Visa Medical Insurance

One requirement of applying for the Super Visa is that the applicant must purchase at least one year of emergency health insurance from a Canadian insurance company. This requirement has existed since 2011, and many insurance companies offer this coverage.

Here are a few things you should know about Super Visa medical insurance in Canada before you apply.

What are Canada Super Visa medical insurance requirements?

First and foremost, you must have private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company.

The Government of Canada Super Visa eligibility page emphasizes that this medical insurance must:

  • Be paid in full, or in monthly installments, with a two-month deposit and set-up fee;
  • Provide at least $100,000 in emergency medical coverage (though higher amounts are available);
  • Cover your health care, hospitalization, and repatriation;
  • Be valid for at least one year from the date you’ll enter Canada and available for review by a CBSA port of entry officer.

The great news is that all our Super Visa policies meet the Super Visa insurance requirements. Start a quote on the right side of this article to find the best Super Visa policy for your trip to Canada.

What should you look for in Super Visa medical insurance?

Along with these requirements, there are other things visitors to Canada should look for in Super Visa medical insurance. While the cost of medical insurance for the Super Visa is likely on your mind (and we’ll dive into that soon), it shouldn’t be your only concern.

Different companies offer a variety of insurance plans for your Super Visa when it comes to policy details. Some things you should consider include:

If the Super Visa applicant has pre-existing medical conditions, here are some questions to think about:

  • Does the policy cover pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Does the policy have any medical exclusions?
  • What is the period of stability required for pre-existing medical conditions to be covered?

By evaluating these different factors, you can find a medical travel insurance plan that’s right for your needs.

How much does Canada Super Visa medical insurance cost?

The cost of medical insurance for a Super Visa in Canada ultimately depends on the insurance policy, your health, and your age. However, you can pay anywhere from $550 to over $5000 for coverage.

You can browse our BestQuote Super Visa insurance rates table to get an idea of what you might pay.

Can there be a gap in Super Visa medical insurance coverage?

No. Your coverage must be continuous during your entire stay in Canada. Super Visa holders are required to have insurance coverage that is valid for at least a year.

There should not be any breaks or gaps in coverage, though you can get your policy renewed when needed.

Where can I find medical insurance for a Super Visa in Canada?

There are many medical insurance options for the Super Visa. We have lots of Super Visa medical insurance policies to fit all needs.  Just use the form on the right of this blog page to compare Super Visa insurance policies. 

If you need extra support, our BestQuote team provides advice about pre-existing medical conditions and which policy will work best for your situation.

You can either call us at 1-888-888-0510 or email us at [email protected] for expert assistance.