Airport signage directs international arrivals to their destination.

Do I Need Medical Insurance to Travel to Canada? What You Need to Know

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Having health insurance offers peace of mind if you face a medical issue. Carrying this coverage can be especially important when visiting a foreign country.  Do you need medical insurance to travel to Canada? There isn’t a simple…

Why Seniors Should Use a Travel Insurance Broker

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Seniors traveling south to their favorite snowbird destinations sometimes ask us about the differences between buying their insurance policy direct from an insurance company compared to buying through a broker.  You do have a choice, but we…

Travel Insurance when using Home Oxygen

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Finding adequate travel insurance is always a challenge for travelers with serious medical conditions, such as those that require the use of home oxygen.  Home oxygen is often recommended for people with low blood oxygen levels.  There…

Provincial Health Coverage versus Canadian Tax Status

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Some Canadians equate health coverage with tax status.  In fact, the two are not necessarily the same.  Canadians living overseas who maintain significant ties to Canada may still be liable for Canadian income taxes, even though they…

Travel Insurance after Stent or Heart By-Pass Surgery

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Travelling after Stent or Heart By-pass Surgery? For travelers with heart conditions, especially those who have had stent or by-pass surgery, obtaining adequate coverage from travel insurance is always a challenge.  Fortunately, we are still…

The Importance of Travel Insurance Medical Questionnaires

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If you are a Canadian senior 60 or over who plans to spend more than a few weeks out of the country, you will normally be asked to fill in a questionnaire before purchasing seniors travel insurance.  Unfortunately, many seniors do not take…