Traveling with medication in suitcase

7 Tips for Visitors Travelling With Medication to Canada

Travelling with medication is not a risk-free experience. There are ways to avoid the risks of travelling with medication, like having your essential prescriptions confiscated. The best way to get prepared for your trip is by knowing what to…
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How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

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Travel insurance can protect you if you suffer losses or get ill while traveling. While you hope, of course, that you won’t need to make a claim, it’s crucial you know how the process works just in case. Here’s how to claim travel insurance…
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7 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Claims Are Denied

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When you take out travel medical insurance, the last thing you want is for your claim to be denied. Unfortunately, insurance companies do reject travel insurance claims – often for unexpected reasons. Here’s why travel insurance claims…

Canada Healthcare: Are You Eligible & How to Apply

Did you know that you are probably eligible for public healthcare in your province or territory? And did you know that: It’s free!! It gives you extra coverage you don’t get with private insurance. It might help you qualify…

Why Working Holiday Visa Holders Should Enrol In Canadian Healthcare

Did you know that working holiday visa holders can apply for Canadian healthcare?  If you are wondering whether it’s worth applying for public healthcare in Canada alongside your private (travel) health insurance, here are three…
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Do I Need Medical Insurance to Travel to Canada? What You Need to Know

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Having health insurance offers peace of mind if you face a medical issue. Carrying this coverage can be especially important when visiting a foreign country.  Do you need medical insurance to travel to Canada? There isn’t a simple…