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Manulife Visitors to Canada Insurance

Manulife is Canada's largest insurance company, offering life, extended health, accident and sickness, and travel insurance policies, as well as wide array of insurance investment products to individuals and groups. Manulife also operates worldwide, and is a well known brand in the financial services industry. They are the largest provider of travel insurance in Canada, having surpassed RBC's travel insurance division in 2012.


Two plans available: one that does not include coverage for stable pre-existing medical coverage and one that does. This helps lower the cost on the no-pre-ex plan.

Manulife's Plan B policy covers stable (180 days prior to effective date) pre-existing medical conditions up to age 85 - longer than any other provider.

Low administrtaive fees. They do not charge cancellation fees, or fees for 'change of mind' cancellations mid way thru visa applications.

Hospital Benefits include up to a semi-private room rate.

Their plan will permit trip breaks - if a traveler must return home and then back to Canada quickly, with permission, the policy will not automatically end.

A wide variety of dedcutibles are available that help to reduce upfront costs.

Language is friendly for insulin warfarin/coumadin.


Some secondary benefits are not as high as other plans:
Dental and Funeral/cremation benefits are somewhat low compared to other plans;
No Accidental death and dismemberment benefits.

Language is not aspirin friendly.