Sun Life Individual Health Insurance Plans

Sun Life Financial is one of the largest Canadian insurance providers, widely known to the Canadian public, and commonly a provider of employer group coverage. They also provide supplemental health (and dental) coverage to individuals or families that have recently lost their group coverage at work due to retirement or other change of work status (replacement health plans), and/or to individuals that are self-employed or planning on retiring one day without having to worry so much about escalating health care costs or getting mis-diagnosed (personal health plans). A key added benefit of choosing Sun Life for your replacement or personal health plan is that all Sun Life health and dental plans come with access to the Best Doctors referral service, an international network of medical specialists that can assist plan members with diagnosis, recommending treatment program options, and with post treatment care to help with one's recovery process after a major medical set back. 

Health Coverage Choice - Replacement Coverage

Sun Life has five replacement plans to choose from: three with dental coverage and two without. As long as you are applying within 90 days of being covered by your group employer plan, no medical questionnaire is required to apply. Getting a quote for Sun Life plans is easy with BestQuote. Once the quote request form has been completed and submitted, you'll instantly see the Sun Life plans and their monthly prices beside other similar plans from other companies (GMS, Manulife, etc.). You can then choose to view plan comparisons by clicking on the green 'Compare Policies' tab. Enrollment to any replacement plans can be done online through BestQuote, but please call us at 1-888-888-0510 to discuss plan differences and to make a good choice for you and your family.

Sun Life's Personal Health Insurance

Sun Life also has five personal health plans to choose from if it has been longer than 90 days since leaving your last employer plan. Their Basic plan is the most affordable plan, but you'll want to look closely at the benefit levels to see if it can be appropriate compared with their Standard or Enhanced plans (whitch come with or without dental coverage). Again, viwing plan comparisons is easy once you get a quote online with BestQuote: you can find a comparison of all Sun Life plans by clicking on the Compare link, or you can compare benefit levels across all company plans (i.e. side by side with Manulife, and GMS plans) by clicking on the Compare Policies tab.

Sun Life Health Plans provide access to Best Doctors Consultations

Best Doctors consultation service program helps you make medical decisions with confidence. They provide access to leading medical experts so you can feel safer knowing that you can have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. They help you get up-to-date answers to medical questions. This is an important aspect of the insurance coverage, whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition, questioning surgery or facing a life-threatening illness. Best Doctors can guide you and your family in the right direction, with greater peace of mind and certainty, knowing you've consulted with the best the industry has to offer. Being able to make well informed decisions is what Best Doctors is about, and it's a standard benefit of being covered through Sun Life Financial.