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Trip Interruption Insurance for Canadians

Trip interruption insurance helps prevent you from paying out of pocket costs that can occur if your trip is interrupted by things like a family emergency back home, a missed connection or flight due to any number of events such as weather, a roadblock, immigration/visa issues, accidents, sickness, ect.

Untimely delays happen. Weather? Airport security issues? Don't waste time worrying about it, trip interruption insurance is reasonably priced for the help it provides.Trip interruption coverage can be very useful.

The numerous interruption risks that can be covered include but are not limited (reading the exact policy wording is important as coverage will vary) to such things as:

  • Your and/or your travelling companion’s sickness, injury, death or quarantine.Interruption due to sickness or even quarantine? What's the backup plan?
  • Sickness, injury, death or quarantine of your immediate family or your travelling companion’s immediate family.
  • Death or hospitalization of your or your travelling companion’s business partner, or key employer/employee. 
  • Death or hospitalization of host at final destination.
  • Sickness or injury of your immediate family who is at your final destination.
  • The legal adoption of a child by you or your travelling companion when the actual date of that adoption is scheduled to take place during your trip. 
  • You or your travelling companion being summoned to police, fire or military service (active or reserve).
  • A cancellation of a business meeting at your final destination beyond your or your employer’s control. 
  • You or your travelling companion’s job transfer that results in the relocation of your or your travelling companion’s principal residence.
  • You or your travelling companion being subpoenaed, as a witness, or required to appear at a court proceeding during the period of travel.
  • Involuntary loss of your, your spouse’s, your travelling companion’s or your travelling companion’s spouse’s permanent employment.
  • An unforeseeable event completely independent of any intentional or negligent act that renders your or your travelling companion’s principal residence uninhabitable or place of business inoperative.
  •  A natural disaster, renders your or your travel companion’s residence uninhabitable.we
  • The cancellation or delay of your or your travelling companion’s common carrier, due to weather conditions, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.
  • Delay of a connecting common carrier due to weather conditions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mechanical failure of the common carrier, traffic accident, or an emergency police-directed road closure.
  • Delay of a private automobile resulting from mechanical failure of that automobile, weather conditions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, a traffic accident, or an emergency police-directed road closure.
  • A formal written travel advisory and/or travel warning issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) or Public Health Canada (PHC), recommending that you avoid all or non-essential travel to the contracted destinations.
  • A schedule change of the airline carrier that is providing transportation for a portion of your trip, causing you to miss a connection.
  • An accident on the way to the departure point involving a private passenger automobile in which you are a passenger or driver; or common carrier in which you are a passenger.

Trip Interruption coverage can be obtained as optional coverage on a medical emergency plan, or purchased separately. The cost is reasonable. Check what it will be for your trip.

Most trip cancellation policies will also include trip interruption insurance to help offset the cost of having to cancel your trip after departure. Depending on the insurance company, trip cancellation or all-inclusive plans can be purchased with zero coverage before departure, lowering the cost of obtaining trip interruption coverage.