RSA Travel Insurance Review

RSA Travel Insurance? 

We offer the following professional RSA travel insurance review for your consideration. Please keep in mind that you are always better off purchasing travel insurance through a specialist broker like BestQuote because we provide you with an extra level of reassurance at time of purchase or claim. The following information should help to convey our knowledge level and expertise, and help you gain confidence in our services. Remember that RSA has competitive prices only some of the time — rates change regularly from year to year. 

No insurance company can always have the most competitive price for all the people all the time, no matter what their age or health condition. Travel insurance is much more complex than what a non-specialist broker can fathom, and you are welcome to use our quote engine to survey the wider Canadian travel insurance marketplace — and then ask us for advice in selecting the appropriate policy. We may identify issues you have not thought of!

Royal and Sun Alliance (RSA) Travel Insurance is part of the RSA Insurance Group PLC, a British insurance multinational with operations worldwide. In addition to travel insurance, RSA offers a number of different lines of general insurance. RSA underwrites its policies, but they are mainly distributed by broker partners such as BestQuote. Many of its policies cannot be purchased directly from RSA. In Canada, Sun Life (which does not have its own travel insurance policies) is one of RSA’s major distributors. Like Medipac, RSA offers a policy specifically designed to complement the 40-day PSHCP plan for federal civil servants, the military, and the RCMP. RSA’s travel insurance division is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Some of the key features of RSA travel policies are:

  • For seniors age 60 to 79 travelling for less than 31 days, there is a no-questionnaire option. This is a great choice for travellers with complex medical conditions that are difficult to insure. It has a short, 90-day stability clause;
  • Both longer questionnaire policies and the shorter no-questionnaire policy for seniors age 60 and over have the option of adding a 7-day $250,000 rider. This is convenient for travellers with recent changes in health or medications;
  • For travellers with heart conditions, this is one of the few companies that does not count aspirin as a medication;
  • The medical questionnaire for seniors is shorter than many other questionnaires, and does not ask about certain internal and digestive conditions;
  • Stability periods range from 90 to 365 days depending on age and medical conditions;
  • Can be purchased for up to 365 days;
  • Like Manulife, it can be purchased from another province (not your home province);
  • It is one of the few companies to offer a multi-trip, all-inclusive option;
  • An expatriate policy is available for Canadians living overseas.