Youth Adventure Package - Features and Benefits

This package combines different types of travel insurance into one policy, and is affordably priced for travellers aged 30 or younger, especially for longer trips* (see note below). There are two options: a) Worldwide with up to 5 days in the USA while in transit, and b) Worldwide including the USA. This plan includes Emergency Hospital & Medical for Canadians ($10 million); Trip Interruption ($1,500); Accidental Death & Dismemberment ($50,000); and Baggage ($1,000). For travellers looking for higher benefits levels, this is a good alternative to the Travelance Youth Travel policies.

Hospital Confinement and Medical Services ($10 million maximum limit)
Included in the overall maximum of $10 million:
Ambulance Services (up to overall maximum)
Attendant (up to overall maximum)
Chiropractor, Osteopath, Chiropodist, Podiatrist or Acupuncturist ($500 per profession)
Cremation at place of death ($4,000)
Dental Emergency ($4,000 accident or $500 pain relief)
Emergency Transportation (up to overall maximum)
Identity Fraud Recovery ($5,000)
Meals and Accommodation ($3,000)
Pet Return ($500)
Physiotherapist ($500)
Prescription Medication ($1,000)
Return of Deceased ($15,000)
Return to Original Trip Destination ($5,000)
Return of Travelling Companion (up to overall maximum)
Return of Vehicle orWatercraft ($4,000)

Trip Interruption benefits after departure ($1,500) specifically:
Emergency Return Home ($1,500)

Accidental Death and Dismemberment ($50,000)
Including Flight Accident ($50,000)

Baggage ($1,000)
Per Article ($300)
Personal Currency Theft ($100)
Wheelchair ($100)
Theft of Passport or Travel Documents ($100)

Extended Absence from Canada
As with all travel insurance aimed at Canadians travelling abroad, policyholders must have valid provincial health care coverage during the entire term of their policy. While this may raise the overall costs in some provinces, being able to return home with no gaps in provincial coverage is recommended.

The provincial and territorial government health insurance plans do limit the time a person can be out of Canada and still remain eligible for coverage. Check your province’s health plan for details. If you exceed your province’s limits, you will not be eligible for coverage under this policy.

For trips longer than 182 days (212 for residents of Ontario, Manitoba, BC and Newfoundland), permission must be obtained from your provincial health plan provider for an extended temporary absence from one's province of residence. If this is not possible, or if the trip overseas is expected to be ongoing, then please get a quote for an expatriate policy.

To be eligible for coverage you must:
a) be at least 15 days old; and
b) be insured for benefits under a Canadian government health insurance plan during the entire period of coverage; and
c) not have been diagnosed with a terminal illness; or
d) not have been diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 cancer; or have received treatment for any cancer (other than basal or squamous cell cancer or breast cancer treated only with hormone therapy) in the last 3 months; or
e) not require assistance with activities of daily living as a result of a medical condition or a state of health.

To purchase the Allianz Youth Adventure Package plan:
Simply get a quote (top left of this webpage in green) for a Canadian traveller, emergency medical category.
Read the policy document (Policy button under company logo) and click the blue 'Purchase' button.
Documents are emailed immediately upon processing.

* While this Allianz policy is very competitively priced, it may sometimes be better to purchase two separate policies, one that covers emergency medical expenses, and another $0 trip cost, trip cancellation/interruption policy. The reasons for buying two separate policies include: 1) in Ontario and Manitoba, policies such as the Youth Adventure Package, that includes trip cancellation/interruption insurance, are taxable. Therefore, buying two policies will save on taxes (almost enough taxes to pay for a full fledged trip interruption policy); 2) a stand alone trip cancellation policy (which always comes with trip interruption benefits) will have better coverage - higher coverage limits and more covered risks than those offered by Allianz's add-on package (limited to $1,500 in interruption benefits); 3) Allianz uses a monthly rate to price the Youth Adventure Package, so sometimes, depending on the trip duration, better coverage can be had by buying separate emergency medical and trip cancellation/interruption policies (with a $0 trip cost).

Please call with questions and for assistance at 1-888-888-0510 ([email protected])