Snowbirds, Retirees, or Seniors Travel Insurance

Are you a travelling senior seeking fun in the sun?

Don't get burned! Make sure that the travel insurance you buy offers reliable coverage! This is getting a bit more complicated in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, so don't try to guess your way towards reliable coverage on your own - use BestQuote Customer Service to help guide you to worry-free insurance (that covers covid AND quarantine expenses).

We've got Canada's #1 selection of travel insurance companies offering plans specifically for snowbirds, retirees, tour groups or senior travellers, AND we provide personalized guidance and advice to ensure you obtain reliable coverage at the right price. 

Whether you have a more complicated medical history (such as diabetes, heart conditions, recent surgeries, etc.) and need help to navigate through the various medical questionnaires; or whether it's better to avoid the questionnaires altogether. Whether you need to find a policy with a short (as low as seven days) stability period — or get a discount for perfect health — we've got Canada's best policies and the best prices. 

If you want to find out more before your next holiday, visit our snowbirds blog page. 

Travel insurance prices have been increasing due to the lower Canadian dollar, and recently due to COVID19 related claims — especially for senior travellers trying to cover pre-existing conditions. 

Recent rate increases make our quick online comparisons and advice even more relevant than before. Keep in mind that the policy that worked well last year (pre COVID19) may not be the wisest choice this year (or next) depending on the size of the recent rate adjustment, the age bracket the company uses, or changes to your health. Over the last year, we've also added new policies that use different age brackets — so you may remain in the lower-priced age bracket with one company while the others have bumped you into the next higher-priced group — even if you are in perfect health.  

Now, the cost savings are even larger when you can find that one policy that:Palm Tree At The Beach - BestQuote Travel Insurance

  • Won't change rates until December; or
  • Doesn't have an age limit or round you into the next higher age bracket until 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 or 87; or
  • Doesn't ask about the relatively minor condition that you have — like osteoporosis, or high cholesterol, or a stent more than ten years ago; or
  • Only asks if you take "3 or more medications" for high blood pressure.

We have policies that:

  • Can help you avoid higher rate classes — by choosing not to insure a medical condition; 
  • Allow you to shorten the stability period to 7, 30 or 90 days; 
  • Can provide a 20% discount if you decide not to have coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions; 
  • Allow you to waive all pre-existing health conditions language altogether — for extra peace of mind; and 
  • Offer better discounts for using a higher deductible.

You can find all these policies online, but sometimes, it's just easier to call us and let us help you personally. Call us at 1-888-888-0510 for assistance. 

Medical Questionnaires

Any companies require travellers over age 54 to answer a medical questionnaire before purchase. If you are aged 55-59, though (or travelling for a period of time of less than 31 days under age 79), it may be better to buy a different policy that doesn't ask any medical questions.  

On our website, once you complete the quote request form to ask for a quote:

  • You will be shown a selection of policies that you can choose from, and what they cost based on 'perfect health.'
  • If a blue 'Purchase' button marks the policy, no medical questionnaire is required, and the policy may be purchased by proceeding through our secure, encrypted, Payment Card Industry compliant check-out process. 
  • If the policy is marked with a red 'Answer Medical' button — you will need to click to open the questionnaire. Once complete, you will be returned to the quote page where the price has been refreshed with the blue 'Purchase' button. 

Usually, answering the three questionnaires that first appear to be 'lower-priced', will result in finding the lower priced policy. But that is not always the case if you have a more complex medical condition. In that event, we encourage you to call us because we can usually sort through the list of questionnaires much faster than you can to find the best result.  

Tip: Not all medical questionnaires are the same, and different companies assess medical risk differently. So just because one company wants to put you in a higher risk class, two or three of the other companies may not. If you need to look around for a competitive offer, you can answer more questionnaires to determine the best price for the deductible level you prefer. 

Tip: For seniors going away for only a short trip (30 days or less), some plans are offered that do not require answering a medical questionnaire (ages 60-79). By planning a shorter trip, you can still travel with insurance for stable (90 days) pre-existing conditions and also be covered for other unexpected illnesses or injuries.   

Tip: Seniors may be able to find the travel health insurance they want by purchasing an all-inclusive travel insurance package that doesn't require answering a medical questionnaire. A package plan will come with trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, as well as baggage insurance and some accidental death and dismemberment coverage. However, it may still prove to be cheaper or offer better coverage for pre-existing conditions than a policy requiring a medical questionnaire. 

Tip: Ask us! We've built this online database to be useful — as a tool for us to help glance through the options available to you, and to guide you towards a good policy. It may appear to be complex, as we have many policies. We are specialized travel insurance brokers that know what to look out for, and we know how to use our site better than anyone else — our advice is free and can prove invaluable at claim time. So don't hesitate to call or to email us your questions. We really can be helpful. Even more so — if you ask for help. 

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Travel Medical Insurance Options

 When you get a quote from us to find out more about your travel insurance choices, you'll be presented with an interactive quote presentation like the one below for emergency medical insurance:

Interactive Quote Presentation - BestQuote Travel Insurance

All the policies initially appear with a zero deductible. However, you can choose a higher deductible to reduce the premium (if you accept a $500 deductible, for instance, the premium will be 10-15% lower, but you would have to pay the first $500 of any claim). 

When a medical questionnaire is required, we start by quoting what that policy will cost based on perfect health. If you click on the red 'Answer Medical' button, you will be asked a series of medical questions, which will then allow your quoted premium to be adjusted higher if your answers indicate a higher health risk. Once adjusted, the blue 'Buy Now' button will appear, meaning that you can continue with your purchase request.

On some quotes, BestQuote’s Direct Underwriting Service may appear. If you click on the green button, you can complete our screening questionnaire. BestQuote reviews your medical conditions, and an insurance agent will then contact you and recommend appropriate coverage or individual underwriting for you.

Below each company's logo is the policy's Summary and the entire Policy wording to download and review. The Summary will help you glance at the exact details quickly, and we recommend you download and read the policy wording before purchase.

We try to be informative on this site to help guide your purchase decision. While complete self-service is possible, we do recommend that you call us once you have asked for a quote so that we can review the options with you to ensure you find the right policy. When you have any questions or need some help with your purchase, please call us toll-free at 1-888-888-0510. We'll be glad to help!

Amidst the occurence of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the world have implemented a variety of travel advisories. All of which may vary per the country you decide to visit. Costa Rica, for example requires tourists to have travel insurance which specifically covers quarantine costs. In order to assure that you have adequate coverage, double check that your travel insurance policy will cover you for your essential or non-essential travel. In addition, make sure that the country you are visiting has not implemented an advisory that may affect your ability to enter the country. When in doubt, reach out! We will be happy to help guide you through the recent COVID-19 related changes and requirements as related to seniors travel insurance options.