Ingle International Visitors Insurance

Ingle International, the parent company of Imagine Financial has approached Berkley Canada to develop and administer their own Visitors to Canada insurance policy, named Discover Canada.


  • For super visa holders or other visitors to Canada purchasing coverage of one year, the Discover Canada plan offers some unique (non-emergency) benefits: after 9 months the insured person is allowed to spend up to $250 for a regular doctor's appointment and submit receipts for reimbursement; after 6 months a $100 amount can be spent on vaccinations and $100 on an eye exam.
  • Stable pre-existing medical conditions are covered with a 90-day stability period for travellers under age 71,
  • Imagine Financial's Discover Canada plan has competitive rates for travellers aged 60-70 with full unrestricted (this is important) pre-ex coverage,  
  • Multiple deductible options available to lower costs,
  • Only plan with $1M coveage option available. 


  • Berkley is not a well known underwriter in Canada (also underwrites the plans from Travel Shield and Select First Financial), although its parent company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange,
  • High cancellation fee,
  • Pre-ex coverage not available past age 80. Ages 71-80 minimum deductible is $500.
  • Not available until age 40.