BestQuote Affiliate Program


Our Affiliate Program allows financial advisors or online marketers to introduce the best selection of Canadian travel insurance products to their clientele using a simple interface that makes things quick and easy for them and for their clients/website visitors. The advantages of becoming a BestQuote Affiliate are:

  • A simple quote and compare tool that creates value for the traveller;
  • The best selection of travel insurance plans available for Visitors to Canada and Canadians travelling outside their province of residence;
  • A travel insurance team dedicated to customer service and facilitating the selection process;
  • A competitive compensation program. We pay the same compensation or better than what you will receive by signing a contract directly with most insurance providers, with only a few exceptions. We usually hold on to 5% of the gross premium for acting as the MGA and providing the free quote service, expert advice to your clients, access to products you cannot get if you cannot produce volume business with each provider, and for passing on life insurance leads to our licensed broker chain. Usually, this 5% is provided to us directly by the insurance company in the way of an override commission. 


Licensed Agent Affiliates


For the licensed agent involved in the sales process, this option requires that you hold a current (accident and sickness agent or travel agent) license with your provincial insurance authority.


While helping your customers obtain travel insurance might not be considered a 'focus' of your practice, outsourcing that 'focus' to us can be a valuable and appropriate action for you because it will:

  • Get you involved in an insurance sale to your client without any time and hassle;
  • Give you a new stream of revenue without you having to be tied up by each sale;
  • Keep your customers satisfied with the level of services you are offering them;
  • Allow your customers to avoid interacting with your competitors who do sell travel insurance;
  • Allow you to meet your fiduciary duty as a financial advisor by offering appropriate services;
  • Help you 'cement' the rest of the business you are doing with your customers;
  • Help you obtain a larger share of your customers' financial business;
  • Attract new customers to your practice (like clients that don't think they need any help but look around each year to buy their travel insurance during retirement)!


We've made it easy for you! By entering our Affiliate Referral Arrangement Agreement, you can begin to help your customers with their travel insurance needs professionally without having to learn everything there is to know about this financial product category.


Provide a link to us on your website, and we will track each visitor you send us and pay you for sending us their business. If you don't have a website, email your clients the link that we provide you, and we can keep track of them when they come to our site. All future sales from your customers will be credited to you as long as you maintain your licensing requirements.


This is a unique method of becoming involved in the growing travel insurance industry, brought to you for your convenience and your customers' real benefit. Of course, the financial services industry in Canada is highly regulated. Rules of conduct governing how referral arrangements should be entered into vary from province to province and amongst the professional associations offering such designations as CFP and CLU. We have made every effort to ensure that our referral arrangement agreements meet the minimum level of adherence to the maximum code of conduct across the Canadian insurance industry.


To ensure compliance, we disclose to a potential consumer before any purchase taking place that a referral fee will be awarded to the third-party person referring the customer to our site, including the reason for the payment or potential payment, and the name of the parties receiving and paying the fee. The specific fee is not calculated because it will vary depending on the amount of the sale and the volume of business being brought to our site.


If you are uncertain about these rules of conduct or believe that your investment dealer or mutual fund dealer will have an issue with entering into such a referral arrangement, please ask them to confirm that their business practices do not extend to insurance product offerings.


It's quick. It's easy.


This is the easiest way to add a new financial product to your existing services or to improve upon the way you currently help your clients with their various insurance needs. Sign up!


Once approved, we will send the link to provide to your clients, preferably on your website, although it can also be emailed to your clients or even described and provided over the phone.


If you need to read a more compelling explanation of the merits of becoming an Affiliate, click here to learn more: Advantages of Becoming a Licensed Agent Affiliate