Not all travel medical insurance is apples and oranges, but it's better to compare wordings and pricesWhy Compare Travel Insurance?

Comparing travel insurance options across Canada's top companies will save you money, get you a better policy, and ensure that you know you're paying a fair price. Just don't count on the mortgage rate, credit card rate, GIC rate, credit card or car insurance rate type price comparison websites (PCWs) to do a good job at travel insurance comparisons. Those sites are promotional services that specialize in affiliate marketing for their revenue - and are often not even licensed to give advice. Such 'comparison' websites usually 'recommend' that you only look at companies that they can arrange an affiliate marketing fee from. They aren't knowledgeable enough to tell you about the ins and outs of different travel insurance policy details (like stability periods for pre-existing medical conditions, or how to answer medical questionnaires) - the details that mean the difference between getting a claim paid or not.

But price comparison websites usually make most of their money from  marketing home insurance, car insurance, or baning services (mortgages, credit cards, etc.) - usually they'll quote a few travel insurance companies that have the technical ability to present their rates in price quote format on a third party site. The result? You aren't searching the whole market. And there's no advisor on the other end of the phone. BUT these PCWs do SEEM informative, opinionated, and knowledgeable as they recommend RBC, or Manulife, or Scotiabank, or 'World Travel' brands to you. Don't count on them - count on BestQuote : we quote Canada's widest selection of travel insurance brands - and we now our way through the details too. You can count on our advice. You can count on us to give you the best quote, and the best service.

Travel insurance is relatively straightforward, but yet it is detail-oriented.  We provide Canadian snowbirds, visitors to Canada, seniors, retirees, students, expatriates and backpackers, business travellers and vacationers with the most accurate comparison tool for travel (and health and dental) insurance found anywhere in Canada. To be informative, it has to be about prices AND the policy wording details.

Comparing prices is simple, but the cheapest travel insurance policy might not be the one to buy, once you compare policy wording and see a better plan for only a few dollars more. We want you to be able to compare the details clearly and easily, so you can make the best purchase.

To provide you with the best quote, we've put together the widest selection of the best Canadian travel insurance providers we could find. We've built a database to host the exact policy wordings of the policies those companies offer, so you can compare coverage categories between all the companies on the same screen, in less time than you can anywhere else. We've put together all the information you'll need on the different types of coverage, so you can be familiar with the insurance you're looking for. And if you have any questions, or prefer someone to recommend an appropriate policy for you, just contact us for personal assistance (toll-free 1-888-888-0510 within North America or 1-604-259-2544 outside North America). We'll be happy to assist you.  

Why Travel Insurance?
When you leave your home province to travel, shop, work or study, you expose yourself to unlimited financial risk. You could suffer a relatively small loss from minor medical expenses, lost or stolen baggage, or weather related delays or cancellations. Worse yet, an unexpected hospitalization could ruin your finances (and/or your family's).

Why Buy Online?
Lower cost, better policies, no bias or pressure. Better comparisons made in less time, so you can take time to make a proper comparison. You'll save money, and make a better purchase. Better than travelling around to buy travel insurance! Better wording that fits what is important to you. You can save time or take your time, you decide.

Buying insurance from a travel agent, financial institution or an insurance agent limits your choices and can trap you into paying a premium you don’t need to pay. Most travel agents offer coverage from only one insurance provider. So do the banks, most financial advisors, the drug store or your automobile association. This binds you into the language of the plan they offer, which won't always be the plan that's right for you.

When the unexpected happens, travel insurance protects you from the minor financial risks, as well as the major ones. 30% of the time, a company will offer a competitive price, but the wording isn't the best. 30% of the time, they'll be a few dollars more, but the wording is a good match for you. 
30% of the time, their premium will be completely uncompetitive.
10% of the time, they'll be competitive enough to win your business. 

The problem with the banks, and other one-provider-only insurance outlets is that you aren't given any information to help you compare plans and see what kind of offer you're getting. They hand you the crutches before you buy!

Maybe another company's plan doesn't categorize your health as high risk, or simply has a premium $20 lower. Or $200 lower. Or more. You won't know that without looking around.

The cheapest travel insurance is not always going to be the best policy for you. But it can be. Different coverage limits, definitions, deductible options, exclusions and pre-existing conditions should be taken into consideration too. Before purchasing any travel insurance policy, it's recommended that you read the policy - you need to fully understand the insurance coverage being offered.

Remember that insurance policies are ‘contracts of definition’. If your loss or medical condition does not meet the definition of what is covered – it won’t be. While you may want to take your time at the travel agency or bank to read the coverage, you’ll probably feel the pressure not to. Raising an objection and asking to see a different policy? They don't have an alternative. Wondering if you can’t find the same coverage at a lower cost? You don't have that choice without walking out their door.

Don't wait. Buying is easy! Get a quote, compare plans, and buy online! 

BestQuote makes it easy to compare travel insurance: emergency medical, travel health, travel medical, or medical emergency insurance
BestQuote Travel Insurance Agency presents you with a selection of the coverage you need, and the tools to examine which coverage is suitable for you and which plan has the lowest cost.

We are travel insurance specialists, offering a wider choice of insurance providers than traditional non-broker sources. Make informed, cost effective decisions. If you have any questions regarding the policy or application, call us.