GPS Specialty Medical Tourism Trust Coverage

Global Protective Solutions, administered by Custom Assurance Placements Ltd., offers the following description of it's unique coverage:

Global Protective Systems Medical Complications InsurancePlease Note: This coverage highlight is not an insurance policy. Rather, it outlines features of the policy issued to International Helpers (Guernsey) Trust. The cover issued to International Helpers (Guernsey) Trust allows participants in the Trust to be eligible for reimbursement for certain expenses that may result from a complication of a medical travel or medical tourism event or from an accidental injury or illness resulting from travel outside your home country for an approved medical procedure.

In addition to the regular travel accident exposure, the benefits have been enhanced to include results of a covered complication that occur outside your home country and where indicated for up to 6 months after the initial procedure. You will find other policies only include corrective procedure limits for complications of a covered medical procedure and they typically exclude complications from the rest of the policy benefits, such as death and disability.

Complication means Bodily Injury from an approved Medical Procedure which results in a separate medical diagnosis and is incurred whilst a Participant is travelling for the purpose of receiving medical or surgical treatment outside the Participant’s country of residence and citizenship. A complication that causes death can not be the result of a previously undiagnosed medical condition that first manifests itself during the Participant’s period of travel or within 24 hours of return to the Participant’s home country. A complication can not result from the Participant’s failure to follow all pre and post procedure medical instructions.

GPS is the only available option for medical tourism trips to the USA, and will also cover trips to any other location.

Coverage benefits (purchased in Capital Sum maximum benefit amounts of $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 or $250,000) include: 

Accidental Death & Dismemberment  100% of Capital Sum

Permanent Total Disability  100% of Capital Sum

Emergency Medical Transportation  $50,000

Repatriation of Mortal Remains  $5,000

24 Hour Assistance Services

Emergency Medical Coverage  $25,000 for accidental injury or illness not related to a Pre-existing medical condition, $250 deductible)

Additional Medical or Surgical Treatment as a result of a covered complication  10% of Capital Sum

Additional Medical or Surgical Treatment for a Failed or Unfavorable Outcome from a Covered Complication  2.5% of Capital Sum or $2,500 whichever is less

Treatment as a result of a Thrombosis  2.5% of Capital Sum or $2,500 (whichever is less)

Additional Expenses of Travel, Meals and Accommodations required for a covered corrective procedure  10% of Capital Sum

Dependent Care/Family Coordination expenses incurred as a result of an accidental travel injury or a complication  10% of Capital Sum

Residence Modification  10% of Capital Sum

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation  10% of Capital Sum

Severe Disfigurement  35% of Capital Sum

Loss of Reproductive Function  35% of Capital Sum

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