All About Canada‘s Working Holiday Requirements

Are you a Canadian citizen wanting to work abroad? Have you always dreamed of teaching English in Thailand or working at a ski resort in the Alps? Or, maybe you’re an international visitor wanting to work in Canada.

No matter the case, you've likely come across information on a working holiday visa.

Read on to learn more about the Working Holiday visa for both Canadians and international visitors.

What is the Canadian Working Holiday?

A “working holiday visa” is different depending on if you’re a Canadian citizen or international visitor. Let’s break things down into two categories:

Working Holiday for Canadians

The Canadian Working Holiday visas allow young Canadians between the ages of 18 and 35 to work while visiting any one of over 30 countries worldwide. It’s a great opportunity for Canadians to travel and work, so they can continue to earn an income while they explore the world.

Where Can You Go on a Working Holiday?

There are dozens of countries across Europe, Latin America, East Asia and the Pacific that participate in International Experience Canada. This includes popular destinations like Italy, France, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

Check out the complete list of countries you can visit with a Canadian Working Holiday Visa.

Experience Canada (IEC) Program

International visitors who want to take a working holiday in Canada can apply for the International Experience Canada (IEC). This program gives youth the opportunity to travel and work in Canada for up to 2 years.

There are three different kinds of work and travel experiences available. The Working Holiday is ideal for visitors who want to stay in Canada while earning some money to travel, or if you don’t have a job offer.

Canadian Working Holiday Requirements

Since these two Canadian Working Holidays differ depending on your home country, so do the visa requirements.

Working Holiday Visa for Canadians

Applying to work and travel abroad with International Experience Canada differs by country. You will typically be required to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and that you have comprehensive medical and repatriation insurance for the entire length of your intended stay.

Depending on the country that you are choosing to travel to, there may be no insurance required to enter the country. However, it is still a wise idea to ensure that you have purchased travel health insurance for the entire time that you will be away.

IEC Visa for Visitors to Canada

Travellers visiting Canada for up to two years on a working holiday visa have a more rigorous visa application process and requirements to meet. First off, they must apply and receive the Port of Entry (POE) letter and be prepared to show a variety of documents at the border.

Perhaps most importantly, travellers on a Canadian Working Holiday must find the required private working holiday travel insurance that meets the government of Canada's basic IEC visa insurance requirements.

As a Canadian provider of travel health insurance), BestQuote can offer coverage to people of any nationality coming to Canada as well as Canadians on a working holiday. Learn more about receiving working holiday travel insurance as a visitor to Canada or as a citizen today.