Here’s Why Working Holiday Visa Holders Should Enrol In Canadian Healthcare

Did you know that working holiday visa holders can apply for public healthcare in Canada?  If you are wondering whether it’s worth applying for Canadian healthcare alongside your private (travel) health insurance, here are three…
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Do I Need Medical Insurance to Travel to Canada? What You Need to Know

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Having health insurance offers peace of mind if you face a medical issue. Carrying this coverage can be especially important when visiting a foreign country.  Do you need medical insurance to travel to Canada? There isn’t a simple…
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What You Need to Know About IEC Travel Insurance Requirements

International Experience Canada (IEC) is an incredible opportunity for young people to spend time abroad experiencing a new country. How does it work? What is IEC? Whether you want to work your way across Canada or target a specific role…
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All About Canada‘s Working Holiday Requirements

Are you a Canadian citizen wanting to work abroad? Have you always dreamed of teaching English in Thailand or working at a ski resort in the Alps? Or, maybe you’re an international visitor wanting to work in Canada. No matter the case,…
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Where To Stay In Montreal | Best Quote Travel Insurance

If you’re planning a visit to Montreal, where will you stay? For some travellers, it’s a return trip to one of the most cosmopolitan and cultured destinations in North America. They know where they want to stay in Montreal. Maybe…
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How to Apply for IEC: A Quick Guide to International Experience Canada

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program offers an opportunity to live and work in Canada for as long as two years. Participating countries have a reciprocal agreement where young adults can build valuable cultural and work experience…