Finding the Best Hostels in Canada

A group of young travellers converse in a hostel bedroom.

Planning an extended trip to Canada? Or are you simply conscious of your budget as a traveller? A hostel can be a great way to keep lodging costs manageable during a trip to Canada.

The hostelling experience isn’t particularly luxurious. It’s not the same as staying in a four-star hotel or having a rental home all to yourself. But when you find great hostels in Canada, you can count on an affordable, comfortable, and community-oriented experience.

Keep reading to find answers to a few common questions about hostels. Then, we’ll share a list of some of the very best hostels in Canada.

Canada Hostel FAQs

Can Anyone Stay in a Hostel?

Although hostels are often used by young travellers (leading to the term “youth hostel”), most hostels are open to anyone.

Regardless of age, you’ll have to respect and take part in the hostel life to enjoy your time in one. You likely won’t find a private room, and you’ll almost certainly have to use a shared kitchen. But the opportunity to save money and meet new people when sharing a room are major benefits, especially for solo travel.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Stay in a Hostel in Canada?

There isn’t a universal age range or limit to stay in a hostel. Even minors can stay at one, assuming they’re with their parents. But you’ll likely need to be at least 18 to book a space.

How Many Hostels are in Canada?

It’s not possible to provide an accurate and full total number. However, there are plenty of hostels in Canada’s major population centers. The Hostelling International Canada (HI Canada) network alone has dozens in the country. Other groups and independent hostels provide additional options.

Can You Live in a Hostel Long Term?

Some hostels allow for long-term use, while others might place a limit on the length of your stay. The best way to tell is to get in touch with hostels in the parts of Canada you want to visit. 

The Best Hostels in Canada: Our Top Selections

There are plenty of great hostels in Canada. We feel these are some of the top standouts across the country.

Auberge Internationale de Quebec, Quebec City

Auberge Internationale de Quebec is part of the HI Canada network. That indicates a certain level of consistency and quality in the lodgings and overall experience. “Auberge” is the French word for hostel (while “auberge de jeunesse” refers to a youth hostel).

This hostel is conveniently located in the heart of Quebec City. It makes one of Canada’s oldest and culturally rich cities easily accessible. It features private room options along with the standard shared bedrooms.

There are plenty of well-regarded hostels in Quebec City, Canada, so it was hard to choose just one. But the reputation and location of Auberge Internationale de Quebec make it hard to beat.

An aerial view of Quebec City, centred on the old port.

The Planet Traveller Hostel, Toronto

The Planet Traveller Hostel in Toronto boasts a large number of Google reviews (more than 550 at the time of publication). Perhaps more importantly, it has an especially high star rating (4.7/5). With so many visitors from across the world consistently enjoying this hostel, it’s clearly of especially high quality.

This purpose-built hostel in the heart of Toronto makes for a great experience. Guests can count on easy access to all sorts of activities and experiences in Canada’s largest city. The hostel emphasizes green energy, regularly organizes activities for guests, and features mixed and shared accommodations.

If you’re looking for hostels in Ontario, Canada, the Planet Traveller is a great place to start.

Samesun Hostel, Vancouver

Looking for a hostel in Western Canada’s largest metro area? The Samesun Hostel highlights itself as a place developed for backpackers and similar travellers. It’s conveniently located in downtown Vancouver.

Close to plenty of attractions, restaurants, museums, and more, the Samesun is in the city’s Granville entertainment district. Other popular neighbourhoods are close by, and public transport is easily accessible for destinations farther away. With a mix of private and shared accommodations, you can choose the type of stay you want to have.

Protect Yourself as a Visitor to Canada

Canada is a great place to visit. But you need to protect yourself from a potential accident or serious illness during your stay. Having that peace of mind can make your trip even more enjoyable.

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