Man with bag waiting to immigrate to Canada

Canada Immigration Eligibility: 4 Things to Know

Are you considering immigrating to Canada? Whether you’re coming from across the border or half a world away, there are some important things to know about Canadian immigration eligibility that can help with the process. Read on to learn…
American tourist visiting Canada from U.S.

3 Important Tips for Traveling to Canada from the U.S.

In 2019, Canada experienced a third consecutive record-breaking year for tourism. An estimated 15 million Americans visited their neighbor to the north that year! And while recent events have affected tourism across the board, Canada remains…
Man taking picture in Canada after investing in travel insurance with pre-existing conditions

Visitor to Canada Travel Insurance covering Pre-Existing Conditions: A Guide

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Finding the right travel insurance for your trip to Canada might feel overwhelming, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions to consider. Travel insurance, regardless of your condition, helps to protect your well-being…
Map of Canada and Major Canadian Cities

Best Time to Book Flights to Major Canadian Cities

If you are planning a trip to Canada, you probably have a long list of things to do to prepare. Whether your trip is for business or recreation, you have to manage your schedule, arrange for accommodations, make sure your travel insurance is…

Why Seniors Should Use a Travel Insurance Broker

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Seniors traveling south to their favorite snowbird destinations sometimes ask us about the differences between buying their insurance policy direct from an insurance company compared to buying through a broker.  You do have a choice, but we…

Philippines (POLO) Medical Insurance for Canadian Work Visas

Document Verification Filipino overseas workers with a Canadian work visa are required to have their documents verified by either the Vancouver or Toronto Philippines Overseas Labor Office (POLO) attached to the local Philippines consulate. …