What You Need to Know About IEC Travel Insurance Requirements

A row of Canadian flags wave in the breeze.

International Experience Canada (IEC) is an incredible opportunity for young people to spend time abroad experiencing a new country. How does it work?

What is IEC?

Whether you want to work your way across Canada or target a specific role in your industry, there’s an option for you.

Currently, IEC offers three distinct work and travel experiences. You can find full IEC details from the Government of Canada. Here’s a brief review of each:

  • IEC Working Holiday. Get a work permit valid for multiple employers and in multiple locations, no job offer needed. Stay for as long as two years.
  • IEC Young Professionals. After receiving a job offer from a company that is in your industry or will otherwise support your professional development, work for them and stay in Canada for up to 24 months.
  • IEC International Co-op/Internship. As a university student, seek a job placement or internship offer in Canada that helps you complete your studies.

With so many exciting opportunities, applying for IEC can be competitive. That’s a complex process in and of itself, and one that gets plenty of attention. We want to ensure you don’t forget about another key need: IEC Canada travel insurance requirements.

IEC Canada Insurance: What You Need to Enter Canada

The Canadian government takes its insurance requirements for IEC seriously. You may not be allowed to cross the border if you can’t provide proof of qualifying health insurance. The last thing anyone wants is to return home before even entering Canada, so it’s important to pay extra attention to this topic.

Here are the key IEC Canada health insurance requirements. Your insurance plan should cover:

  • Medical care
  • Hospitalization — addressing all costs of a stay, including but not limited to medical care
  • Repatriation — paying for a return to your home country because of severe illness, injury, or your demise

There’s another requirement to keep in mind: You need insurance for the length of your stay in Canada. You can take out multiple policies during your stay. However, border officials will set your work permit to expire at the same time as your first IEC travel insurance policy.

From a practical standpoint, finding a 24-month policy may as well be a requirement. Having a single policy in place gets rid of the uncertainty that comes with the alternative. Ultimately, that lets you focus more on enjoying your time in Canada.

An IEC Travel Insurance Partner You Can Count On

At Best Quote Travel Insurance, we help you find an affordable, effective, and dependable travel insurance policy.

As specialists in this area, we work with a variety of carriers. That ensures our customers always have relevant travel insurance options and offers opportunities to keep costs low. We’re also proud to offer a range of 24-month policies that make it a little easier to enjoy the IEC experience.

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