Maintaining Provincial Health Coverage While Traveling

Residency Requirements In BC, a recent court case highlighted the issue of maintaining provincial medical coverage while traveling outside of Canada.  A retired couple had spent a lot of their time visiting family in the Middle East from…

Travel Insurance after Stent or Heart By-Pass Surgery

Travelling after Stent or Heart By-pass Surgery? For travelers with heart conditions, especially those who have had stent or by-pass surgery, obtaining adequate coverage from travel insurance is always a challenge.  Fortunately, we are…

The Importance of Travel Insurance Medical Questionnaires

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If you are a Canadian senior 60 or over who plans to spend more than a few weeks out of the country, you will normally be asked to fill in a questionnaire before purchasing seniors travel insurance.  Unfortunately, many seniors do not take…

Pregnancy and Wondering About Travel Insurance?

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Travel Insurance and Pregnancy Coverage Over the years, we have had many inquiries at our office concerning private medical coverage for pregnancy.  We have fielded similar questions about maternity benefits from different types of travelers,…

Backpacker Insurance

Travel Insurance for Canadian Backpackers Why backpacker insurance? You have finally graduated from university or you have decided that it is time to leave your current job, but you are not quite ready to settle down.  If you are like many…

Quest Travel Insurance and ‘Guaranteed Stability’ of Pre-existing Conditions

TuGo's Quest Policy - Guaranteed Stability Insurance This post provides a closer look at the details of the Quest policy which offers the guaranteed stability rider for enhanced coverage. I had a detailed question just today (October 18th) from…